Autumn Star Spin Quilt ( Directions PDF)

Today we will learn how to make an Autumn Star Spin Quilt. Artisan work with fabrics is something that has been made from this antiquity.

When the first artisans began to join pieces of fabric with lines to produce clothes more sophisticated for the time.

And among these techniques that have arisen for a long time we can highlight the reuse of the fabric flaps, which was done between the union of the remains of the fabrics for the production of beautiful handmade pieces.

This patchwork knitting technique is known as the patchwork, and with it can produce various craftwork.

โ€œStar Spinย PATTERNย โ€ Quilt Pattern by Oregon Treasures 1988ย 

One is the patchwork quilt, a handcrafted work of the time of our grandmothers, which was present in every home of the time. The quilt is made using the techniques of patchwork, and the final work is known as quilting, which is the union of the fabric flaps with the acrylic blanket, which guarantees protection and comfort in the production of the quilt, and also for others Craftsmanship. Check out some tips for making beautiful quilts, and learn new quilt techniques at home.

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