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Hello everyone, welcome to another amazing pattern for your collection of patterns and increase knowledge. And how are your works … flowing or stopped because of time, the day-to-day running.

I leave for work about 8 o’clock and come back late in the afternoon but I always separate a time when I get to sit on my balcony chair and enjoy the cool breeze that comes from outside and start to crochet. I always do every day to be practicing and to be good at what I do.

Perfection comes as it does practice, I always say this to everyone, so we should always be practicing looking for new patterns to risk also on various levels of crochet to get more experience.

So it’s time to learn another new pattern and with this I’m very excited to bring you another pattern and still Free.

The point I bring today is the point known as the Bavarian Crochet Blanket, it is a very practiced and also simple point. If you want to know more and learn new things just read on, get your materials and work well.

About Pattern

The Bavarian Crochet Blanket pattern is simple to make, it only has the appearance of being difficult because of the texture it has but it is simple and easy to make, so enjoy. I was browsing the internet seeing new patterns, old ones at last, and there are many tutorials paid and I found this pattern and I fell in love with this texture that gives an incredible result. This pattern has an incredible texture and borders that have a fan appearance, pattern very common and popular on the internet, I’m sure it will love the result.

I looked for the pattern and video to better assist you and provide all the information you need and hope you enjoy it. This pattern of crochet is too beautiful, it looks like a honeycomb full of little houses, I think it’s beautiful how the stitches are forming and closing. It can be a blanket option for a baby or a bed cover for both child and adult.

About the colors you can choose as I left in the picture below as an example of colors but warm and colorful thus becoming a more joyful pattern and combines with children’s piece, a blanket, blouse, blanket or rug or anything else that you want to do with this pattern. If it is a gift, see the colors that the person likes to please even more. Take advantage of the already used yarns in your basket to make this pattern if it is to be colored, an idea of ​​a rainbow, so you do not need to spend with one or two color yarn roll.


st(s) = stitch(es)
sp = space
sl st = slip stitch
ch(s) = chain
htr/hdc = UK half treble / US half double crochet
tr/dc = UK treble / US double crochet dtr/tr = UK double treble / US treble

Hook: 5.5 mm / US size I
Yarn Needle – use any size hook
Size: 12 inch x 12 inch / 30.5cm x 30.5cm
These measurements are approximated.

Here on our site we have free patterns, videos and graphics to help them do great jobs. Below is a link with PDF free of this beautiful pattern for you to do beautiful works where you will find the complete step by step with the necessary information. Do not forget to enjoy our Facebook page about Ck Crafts, , we always post patterns free and our group our Crochet Lovers. Good job.

Patten PDF Free →  Bavarian Crochet Blanket ♥

8 thoughts on “Bavarian Crochet Blanket – PDF Free

  • 24 de January de 2019 at 20:03

    I am thoroughly going to enjoy trying out these crochet patterns now that I am well again to do so

  • 24 de January de 2019 at 23:14

    Super pattern

  • 5 de July de 2019 at 19:34

    All I want is a simple pattern to follow. I was looking for a Bavarian pattern

  • 4 de August de 2019 at 02:41

    So beautiful tks so kind of you swt xxxx

  • 4 de August de 2019 at 07:18

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I love opening the text and seeing what you’ve sent. I’m still on the sunflower spread but I do want to tackle this one

  • 4 de August de 2019 at 16:04

    Thanks,I love learning new patterns.


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