Dancing Ribbons Quilt

Tip: Banding is the process of aligning and prying (with the help of temporary fabric glues) the layers of the quilt, the way you want them to be at the end, ie the quilt’s back with the right side down, the batting in the middle, and the front facing up.

Be sure to take out the creases and wrinkles from all layers to make them well aligned, using your hand to smooth the quilt from the center out.

Spread a temporary spray glue lightly on each layer. When they settle, smooth the wrinkles in the fabric of each layer. If you prick the quilt instead of using paste, use pins in the center of each piece.

Work from the center to the edges while pinning. If you want to be more careful, thread, pin and glue the layers of your quilt before sewing. This will ensure that your quilt is firmly secured before you finish.

Sew the layers. Start from the center and sew to the edges, pushing the excess fabric accumulated in the center. The easiest way is to sew on or near the seams you’ve already made in the rows. You can also sew diagonally through the pieces, or take the presser foot to sew freely throughout the quilt.

If you want to make sure you are sewing in the right places, use a washable cloth pen to indicate them.The more stitches you make for the entire quilt, the firmer and more finished it will be, as the batting will get stuck to all the work, rather than moving inside it.You can put a seam around the edge of the quilt after sewing the entire center.

Cut or bias. The bias is that fabric border that goes all the way around your quilt to give a more finished look and protect the seams. You can cut it in thick bands horizontally, vertically (which gives more flexibility to the fabric, and so it is more recommended!). Cut 4 strips 5 cm wide, the lengths of which correspond to the 4 sides of the blanket (you may have to overlap several stripes to give the right length, but always think about the final product). Sew the pieces together to form a single long open bias strip.

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