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How fast time passes isn’t it? And it’s getting closer to one of the times I like Christmas. and feasting, living and reviving this magical feast every year I delight, since at this date we renew our dreams, we meet with whom we love and what I most like to prepare the house to receive Christmas.

Christmas decoration welcomes us to a lot of light, joy. In the cloths, bread baskets, the Christmas tree, the lights, the paths are beautiful pieces that help to compose your party.

And with the technique of the Christmas patchwork we can accomplish true wonders to decorate our house, gift and even sell.

With few fabrics we can make American game, a Christmas tree cloth, make a bar to decorate a dish cloth and just use the imagination and put the hand in the dough.

Our readers already know that we are passionate about woven handicrafts, so much that we have already made available on our site numerous sewing tips and several steps in the footsteps of gorgeous pieces, such as the diapers in tissue and the American pumpkin game.

Today we’re going to talk about a handmade piece that everyone knows and loves, the Christmas patchwork quilt. As the name itself suggests, it is made with flaps of fabric sewn to each other and trapped in a lining. This technique has existed for a long time, and is known as patchwork.

Patchwork quilts can be simple or padded. With the padding process you have as a result of a quilt that warms and is still quite cozy. The audience for quilts made with retail is large; Therefore, producing and selling this product turns out to be an excellent way to get extra income. This wonderful Tutorial was done by the blog.fatquartershop site Deck-ade the Halls: Finishing Pattern

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