Free Quilt Block Patterns (Dutch Treat Quilt)

Easy Quilt Pattern: what is it? Quilt pattern ideas how to make? The Free Quilt Block Patterns is a type of blanket, covered or used quilt for several years to cover people.

I went into the craft because it’s simple. If you observe well a quilt block patterns made of manual arts will notice it is nothing more than a large square cropped.

The use of the quilt, blanket or even sofa cover is indifferent to this kind of art. Historians say that this is one of the oldest in humanity, being present even in China in its first empires.

The Patchwork quilt patterns are a work with flaps of tissue that involves the union of pieces of tissue by sewing.

The precision of cutting, sewing and measurements is crucial for the work to be perfect. The free quilt blocks are most used to make quilts, but also can be used to make handbags, tapestry, clothing, panels, rails desks, tablecloths, placemats and other decorative pieces.

The easy quilt pattern is usually used in the top of the work, but can also be used in the lining, but in a simpler format. After all, nothing prevents a lining is made with more than one tissue, agrees?

The quilt pattern ideas has this name because to do so you take the direction to the point will be made.For this type of quilting templates is necessary to annul the point size by selecting the sizeto point zero.

The relationship between the speed and the machine will determine the size of the points.Low speed and fast movement of the hands will produce great points.
High speed and slow movement of the hands will produce small points.

Some professionals of FREE MOTION QUILTING are categorical in saying that it is necessary to lower the feed dogs are under the presser foot.

Others, however, defend be better work with feed dogs in normal position, but covered.

Test on your machine and check which method will work best for you.

Before you begin this type of quilt pattern ideas is recommended to do a test in a “sandwich” of sample, so it will be possible to adjust the tension of the machine and the train.

With training (read here: a lot of training) will be possible to achieve optimal control of speed. And a good result.

And importantly, relax while you are “quilters”, because the trend is getting tense.

image: Maureen Cracknell – DOWNLOAD PDF DUTCH QUILT

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