Android 12 – New Google system lets you customize the look of the cell phone


Want to know the biggest news about Google's new system? O android 12 comes with this feature to be able to fully customize the look of your phone! That's right, features that previously could only be done by advanced professionals in this field, can now be done for ordinary users.

Last Tuesday the 18th, at Google's big event, the Beta version of Android was successfully presented. It is worth mentioning that minor improvements were made, but important improvements, in addition to changing the look a little too. Stay with us throughout this article.


O android 12 maintained the same pace as its predecessor, Android 11, always bringing important changes, but more subtle and discreet changes. Perhaps the most important transformation is in the interface, being uniformed to the look of the platform in question, with the figures becoming rounder.

android 12
Image: (Google) Android 12

Main changes Android 12

The initial proposal was to make the system homogeneous according to the visual rules of the giant Google, we can say that it is a very important change, as it allows users to change the colors of the system in addition to other customization possibilities.

To give you an idea, it is possible to change the tonality and colors of your device's interface, based on a photo that is configured as "wallpaper", that is, as a wallpaper. Previously changes in the interface were practically nil.

Another change that can be noticed in this new version of Android, Android 12, is that the animations are much faster and more fluid as well, thus freeing up more memory to use other tasks on your cell phone, making your device lighter. .

Other features of Android 12

  • It is possible through voice command to listen to music, call someone, send messages, even when the cell phone is out of reach or still blocked.
  • New, more fluid interface with the possibility of customization by the user.
  • The new Android 12 system brings much more security when it comes to user data, as the privacy session comes in a "timeline" format, thus showing everything that happened on the device in chronological order.
  • Another important change, relative to security, is that the system notifies you when any application installed on your cell phone is accessing your device's camera or microphone.

Other advantages of the new system

It is also possible to send any approximate location to some specific applications. This option is shown when the user accesses the coordinate service. Really, the changes in usability and security came to really implement the modernity and stability of Android systems.

There is also on the new platform, a new tool for presentations of spreadsheets or texts, which are being made through "Google Drive", this tool is called "Ismart Canvas", it has the ability to interact directly with the "drive" thus facilitating remote group work.

Still talking about security, the password manager has also been improved, thus including the option to change a password that is directly linked to the Google app, so even users tend to have greater privacy by deleting all their searches done on Google through Android.

Main changes

Another very interesting change, which will reach millions of users, was in relation to "Google Maps" which also had important changes in relation to the suggestion of routes that are more viable and safe, also in relation to privacy, Google Maps became safer .

There is also a feature on Google Maps that can notify the user when your location history is more open, that is, you are more accessible to anyone, so you can configure the history with more privacy. Everything quickly and easily.

Another cool novelty is the ”Live View” that manages to use the increased ”Artificial Intelligence” to guide users in their maps, in this way airports are being included, for example through this artificial intelligence, thus managing to make interesting suggestions according to the usage history of the user in question.

How to get access to Android 12

If the user wants to have access to all the news of the new Android system, Android 12, it is necessary to do a Google search to identify whether the model of his cell phone is compatible with the new system, as it will not be available for all models. .

It is worth remembering that normally when a new version of Android is released, it is only available for the most recent devices, or even for premium devices, which is why you need to check the compatibility with your device before trying to migrate to Android 12 .

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