Need to retouch photos? See an editing app to take beautiful selfies


If you need to retouch and improve your selfies, know that one editing application may be the best option. There are several programs, free and paid, that you can install on a computer to edit photos, but we don't always have time for that.

Transferring a file to your computer takes time, and editing to post on social media can take time. In addition, not everyone has a desktop or notebook computer to edit, as they prefer to invest in quality cell phones.


Therefore, if you want to take a photo, edit it quickly and conveniently at the same time, we are going to introduce you to one of the best apps available for this in the app stores. So to learn more keep following this post.

editing application
editing application (image taken from Google)

What is this editing app for?

BeautyPlus is a editing application that allows you to retouch your selfies and photos, in addition to taking pictures using the app's camera, which already comes with a super natural beauty filter. If you need an easy-to-use tool, this is one of the best options.

With it you can take pictures, add texts and stickers, remove unwanted objects from the background of your selfies and much more. It is ideal for those who like to post the photos they take without wasting too much time editing.

BeautyPlus has more than 30 easy-to-use editing tools for those of you who like your selfies well-edited and natural, but without too much work. Get to know some of the features that make the app so beloved by those who install it.

What are the main features of BeautyPlus?

Developer Pixocial Technology released the editing application BeautyPlus in July 2013 and since then it has already gained the attention of many users. The app has more than 100 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating on the Play Store platform.

The app always receives updates of improvements and news, the most recent one in September 2021. It is free but you can purchase items in the app, its size occupies a space of 140 MB on the device.

You need to have Android 5.0 or higher for the app to work properly. You can download BeautyPlus both on an Android smartphone via the Google Play Store, and on an iPhone or other iOS device via the App Store.

What does this editing app offer?

BeautyPlus is a editing application that offers a number of simple but very useful features to help make your photos perfect. See some of them below:


  • HD Mode: For you to take beautiful and natural photos without having to work, with just one touch the image looks amazing;
  • Height: Adjust your height with small changes in the tool;
  • Slimming: Drag to make small adjustments to different body parts;
  • Smooth: You can make your skin smoother and reduce pores with this tool.


  • Removal: Removal tool is one of the most popular among users, with it you can remove people or objects from your photo;
  • Bokeh Lenses: This blur tool makes your photos more depth;
  • Editing Functions: Collage, Magic Brush, Mosaic, Scatter, Vintage, Rotate, Crop and more.


  • Text: Add text to your photos;
  • Stickers: Various stickers to make your images more fun;
  • Filters: 200+ filters and effects to enhance your photos;
  • Makeup: Complete makeup for you to use in selfies.

How to download and use BeautyPlus?

If you've come this far, it means that you now know BeautyPlus, its features and functionality. So, what do you think about installing this editing application In your cellphone?

We will explain to you in this topic step by step how to download this app. first you need open your app store Google Play or App Store for iPhones. In the search bar type the name 'BeautyPlus', you must install the app developed by the company Pixocial Technology. 

After installing and opening just start using the app. You need to allow it to use your phone's media if you want to upload an image. For additional tools you must make an in-app purchase.

BeautyPlus editing application considerations

The BeautyPlus app is a good free option for quickly and easily editing selfies, as its interface is easy to use and has a series of tools. In addition to being perfect for those who like selfies because of the camera. Therefore Bput the app on your cell phone and try out the tools.

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