Gardening App – Top Plant Care Apps


Have you ever used one gardening app? This tool can be very useful for people who want to build their garden, or even for maintenance, it is also possible to learn how to care for certain plants through applications.

Currently many people like to cultivate gardens in their homes, however, if every time we are going to do the maintenance, or even build our gardens, we need to pay a professional workforce for this, we will spend a lot of money for these tasks that can be made by ourselves.

Many people succeed through a gardening app, really fantastic results, considering that in addition to the applications, there is a lot of information available on the internet today. Throughout this article, we will check the main applications for gardening and also for taking care of plants.

Application for gardening, gardening and landscaping
Image: (Google) Application for gardening, gardening and landscaping

Gardening and landscaping – Application for gardening

Firstly, we need to identify the difference between the two terms, since gardening is nothing more than the technique for dealing with soil and plants, in addition to knowing the species and their characteristics, as this can be very important when building your garden. .


Landscaping is already the art of creating a landscape through plants and ornaments, that is, once you've already defined which plants you're going to use in your garden, which inputs, in addition to how to prepare the land, it's time to know how to design Beautiful shape your landscape through the plants.

Through the applications, and the internet itself, it is possible to access tutorial videos teaching in a simple and practical way, both gardening techniques and landscaping techniques, with a little patience and a little time, it is possible to create gardens fantastic.

Best apps for gardening and landscaping

  • Plantit: this is an application entirely developed by a company from Portugal, which teaches the user to create organic gardens in addition to different types of plants. The application teaches the right way of sowing, in addition to indicating the right times to water, harvest and plant.
  • Plantix: this application was developed by Germans and is completely free, from the observation of a plant in their own homes, the application can identify pests that attack plants, and also which is the best organic treatment to eliminate pests.
  •  My garden: this application was created by the great developer ”Rafael Guasti” that allows people to create their own gardens with their plants, that is, for people who are not interested in buying other plants. From a register for the species, many tasks are created completely automatically to be able to take care of the plants.

Gardening app – Other options

There is an application called ”Google Planner”, which helps the user to plan all the details of his garden. With it you will be able to mark the exact space of your garden as well as the plants you intend to use. The application even shows you the best way to plant, in addition to the quantities and types of species to plant, it is only available for iPhone and costs r$ 24.90.

The ”Gardenia Plant Organizer” application works as a kind of organizer for gardening. This application has a very robust database, with more than 90 thousand species of plants, in addition to the main information about the most used plants for gardening and landscaping.

Another very interesting app is ”The Landscaper's Companion”, which comes with a wide range of information, about more than 25 thousand plants, as their scientific name and also the popular name, the application also teaches people to take care of plants. It was developed for ordinary people, but professionals and botanists also often use it.

Top of the category

The application ”The Garden Planner”, allows the user to create a specific project for his garden, what is interesting is the possibility of doing this by drawing, everything is very simple and very practical, just position the plants and start making the drawings, despite being a paid application it is one of the most interesting in the category. It costs r$ 19.90.

With the ”Gardening Toolkit” application, you can have access to many tips, which allows you to, for example, create a diary for the care of your plants, establishing the time and also what the plant needs, in this way the application will send a statement so that you take care of the plant correctly.

The ”Yara Checkit” application is an application for use in plantations, that is, it was developed for people who work in agriculture, as it offers farmers a gigantic platform with many photographs of plantations, in order to be able to identify in a way quickly and simply, any nutritional deficiency that the crop may be having.

How to download the app

If you are looking to create your own garden, do some landscaping, or simply want to get to know the existing plant species better, or even want to have precious tips to improve the cultivation of your crops, just download one of the applications mentioned in this article.

It is worth remembering that not all applications in this niche are available for Android and iOS, which is why you must first identify whether the application is compatible with your phone. application you want to download, then just install and start using the application.

For more information and tips on apps that can help in everyday life, visit our apps category. Good luck!