Individual Application – See how to download it for free


If you need a tool with several functionalities, the individual app can help you a lot. It has a series of services related to the CPF that you can perform on your cell phone.

A little over a decade ago, it would be necessary to go to a physical agency of the Federal Revenue Service to request a simple service. Today, with the help of technology, this has become much more practical, and you can do it with your smartphone.


For more bureaucratic services, you still need to go to an agency. But if what you need is easier to solve, you don't need to waste time with queues and transportation. Follow today's article to find out more about the app.

individual app
individual app (image taken from Google)

What is the Physical Person application for?

Through individual app you can consult your CPF, make the income tax return and even schedule a face-to-face service if necessary, which already reduces the waiting time.

It is intended for individuals, and is an ideal tool for the taxpayer, as it allows for various services related to the CPF. It is possible to regularize CPF and consult information that you can use in other services, such as Income Tax.

The app is very easy to use, and has a nice, clean interface with no distractions. It was launched precisely to facilitate the user's day-to-day life, reducing waiting time and leaving agencies for more necessary services.

What are the features of the Individuals app?

The services of the Individual Person app are mainly aimed at taxpayers who need to request or verify information from the CPF or Income Tax declarants. See some of them below:

CPF related services:

  • Consult information about your or another CPF
  • Registration for the first copy of the CPF;
  • You can regularize a suspended CPF;
  • Questions and Answers about the CPF;

Related services Individual Income Tax (IRPF):

  • Consult information about the Income Tax Refund, as of 1999;
  • Tax Refund Notifications;
  • Quiz to test your knowledge about the IRPF. It's very good to do before filling out the declaration to be sure about what you know and don't know;
  • Calculation of monthly and annual taxes, since calendar year 2012;
  • Schedule of batches for refund payment;
  • Access to My Income Tax;
  • IRPF question with several questions answered about Income Tax;
  • Accompany Declaration;

Notes about the features

The service to query CPF do individual app verifies only registration information in the bases of the Federal Revenue Service. That is, there is no connection with credit protection services from companies such as SPC or Serasa.

To verify a CPF you also need to inform the date of birth. The app will display the creation date of the CPF and if there is one, it will also display the date of death.

In order to register the first copy of the CPF, it is necessary to have a voter registration card. Regularization of the CPF is only possible to complete data on suspended registrations and on people who are not required to submit an IRPF declaration.

Main features of the Individual app

the app Physical person was launched almost 10 years ago, in 2012 by the Government of Brazil. However, it is always updating to meet the needs of users, with the most recent update being in September 2021. 

Its size is around 7MB so it doesn't take up much space on your mobile phone. Currently the application has more than 10 million downloads, only on the Google Play Store platform. 

You can install it on your Android device through the Play Store or on iOS devices directly through the App Store where its size is just over 30 MB. the Individual Person app is free on both platforms.

How to download on your mobile

Now you know the Individuals app, its characteristics and its main functionalities. if you were interested and want to try it out on your device, we'll show you step by step how easy it is to install.

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile phone;
  • Type the name 'Individual' in the search bar and install the first result in the list;
  • Once installed and opened, just register with your CPF and email and use it normally.

Considerations about the Individual app

If you need a tool to save time on CPF requests and save you the trouble of moving around, the Pessoa Física app is a great option. In addition, it is free and if it does not suit you, you can test others from the Government of Brazil. Therefore, download the app and try it!

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