Rewards app – Learn how Cashzine works


Do you know some rewards app? That's right, there are apps nowadays that offer real rewards to their users. There are many people enjoying the advantages of these apps, and there are others who are even managing to earn extra income.

The ”Cashzine” application works as a social network, it is available for both iPhone and Android, the platform allows the user to earn rewards, for which it is necessary to complete some tasks. As soon as the user enters the application, he/she is faced with the “for you” tab that generates the contents completely based on the preferences of the user in question.


This one rewards app, is very similar to ”Tik Tok”, and it is also possible to interact with other users by making comments on publications or even leaving likes. In fact, this type of platform has gained a lot not only in the Brazilian market, but also in the world market.

rewards app
Image: (Google) Rewards App

How to use the rewards app

  • First it is necessary to open the application, the user must select which contents are of interest to him. In this case, the platform can suggest some themes.
  • Available themes are pets, gym, finance and others.
  • Soon after on the next screen, you must accept all the terms of use of the application's privacy policy.
  • You also need to give the app permission to access some files on your phone.
  • To use the application, it is not necessary to register. However, to send an invitation to friends and that way to have more. rewards generated with the app.

How to use the rewards app

After following the steps mentioned above, it is also possible to log in using your Google or Facebook account, then you need to select your country, then click determine. It is worth noting that it is necessary to follow the step by step very carefully.

It is necessary for the user to open the "my account" tab, in this way the user can verify his code together with his username, as he will need to send this code to his friends, to obtain points, that is, to be able to win an extra buck.

Then, in the ”option” window, enter the invitation code, the user will be able to fill in the entire field with the code sent to him by someone. If you want to invite someone, through your link, just click on "invite" click on "click here to invite" that way you will acquire the points.

missions on the platform

In order for the user to start collecting their rewards, it is necessary to perform some missions inside the platform. To complete the missions, you must click on the "home page", on the icon that is above the right side. Only then will you have access.

This way, the user will be able to check the missions that the application is indicating, which are generally calm actions, such as posting a comment, reading an article, or even testing a new application. To complete the mission, just click on the mission in question, and then click on obtain.

Is it worth downloading the app?

Well, if the user has already become all assanhadinho, thinking that he will earn loads of money with the application in question, that is not exactly how things work, because, to earn relevant amounts of money, that is, an amount at least to pay a bill of light, a installment or something like that, you have to work a lot.

Because the missions and tasks offered by the application are remunerated, however, the amount of money that the points can transform is relatively low, like any other application in this category, so don't expect to get rich with the application.

Unless you are already a successful digital influencer, or even some Brazilian television personality, this way other means of earning money on the internet through social media. That's why the tip is to have fun with the apps, and if you can earn some money it will be good.

How to download the app

If the user wants to make some extra money, he just needs to download and properly install the application in question, for this he must enter the virtual app store accredited to his system, that is, for the Android system the store is the Play Store and for the iOS system the Apple Store.

Everything is done very quickly and very simply, considering that the whole process is super intuitive, and anyone with minimal experience in technology can perform the task without major problems, everything really is super easy to do.

For more information about the latest apps, or even to find out what's new in the digital universe, visit our apps category. Good luck!