Application to remove photo background – Know the 5 best options


Common photo background remover app, you can create amazing arts! Through this tool, it is possible to completely remove the background of a photo, and the best, it is possible to put a completely new background in the photograph, giving your photos a completely new look!

This is really a great trend on the internet today, as there is a wide range of applications that perform this feat, however, there are the best and best evaluated applications by users, with more interesting and intuitive tools.


Through photo background remover app, you can create photos with very real and professional aspects, and the best thing is, directly from the applications, you can publish them directly on your social networks such as Instagram, Facebook. The end result is quite interesting.

app to remove photo background
Image: (Google) Application to remove photo background

Application to remove photo background – The best of the moment

There are fantastic apps, both for Android and iPhone, all of which manage to both remove the background and include new, super realistic scenarios. There are tools that already detect the background of your photo, delete it and then automatically insert another background.

The applications are so advanced that they allow even the most advanced users to save their photos without the background, that is, in "PNG" format, which means that the photo comes with a transparent background and can be edited later in any other software.

Below we will show you a list of the best options for applications to do this task, you can check out the main features of these photo editors dedicated to smartphones, stay with us in this article and discover the best ones.

Application to remove background from photos – The main ones

  •  PicsArt: through this application, which is available for both iPhone and Android, you can change the background of your photos very quickly, then you can include a background scenario, whether from your cell phone's gallery, or even backgrounds available in the app itself. You can crop automatically or manually.
  •  BeautyPlus: ”BeautPlus” is also available for Android and iOS, it is a fantastic photo editor and we can consider it one of the most complete in the category. It is possible to take the background of the photo automatically, and choose a more suitable scenario to then obtain the desired final result, in the case of this application, it is not possible to save the image in png.
  •  LightX: it is a great image editor, it is also available for all platforms, through it, it is possible manually and very practically, to remove the background of your photos, you can also place people, objects or scenarios in your photos , the results are very realistic, it's worth checking out its features.

change photo background 

There is a fantastic application, which literally has that name in the title, and nothing better than to contain in the title everything the application can do, and that is exactly what it does, it changes the background of the photos very quickly and very simple, its interface is considered one of the most intuitive in the category.

To use the application, just choose your image, whether it's taken from your cell phone, or any other image, then just click on the top corner of your screen, and the application automatically removes all the background. The result is very realistic and very professional too.

This application allows you to save your photo in "PNG" format, that is, you can save your photo without any background and edit it in other editors, or even work with it that way. There is a very wide range of professionals using the applications, considering their practicality and speed.

Application or software to take photo background 

Well, this question can be answered in two ways, the first is as follows; if you are a professional editor, who already dominates software such as ”Photoshop”, ”Corel Draw”, or even ”Illustrator”, you will hardly need an application like this, considering that the programs have very complete tools for these purposes .

Now, if you are not a design professional, and do not have access to or master the software mentioned above, it certainly pays off to use the applications, considering that they were developed to be used in a simpler and more intuitive way, for users common.

However, even professionals in the field of design end up using applications to take background photos, in moments that need speed and agility, and that they are not in the office or in front of the computer, so the application is always a good idea. option.

How to download apps to take pictures background

To download applications that perform this task, just enter your accredited application store, all applications mentioned in this article are compatible with both the Android system and iOS, it is worth remembering that the store compatible with Android is the "Play Store" and with iOS, the ”Apple Store”.

After the user enters your application store, just type the name of the application you want to download, and the options to be downloaded and installed will quickly appear, that way, in a few clicks, the user will be able to make his first photo edits and publish on your social networks.

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