Savings app – download and save money on a daily basis


If you are having trouble paying your bills and need to save on everyday expenses, a good option is a app to save. They can help you if you can't decide where to cut costs, but still need to save.

It is normal during the routine to spend on a service that could be lowered or a product that you could find cheaper. That's why technology help in the right way is important, as it facilitates and saves your time.


If you have nowhere else to save money, but you need to save money for a late debt or because you need to make a purchase in the future, follow this post. In it, we'll introduce you to some simple apps that can help you save every last penny at the end of the month.

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The Zoom savings app is perfect for anyone who likes to buy a variety of products online, especially electronics. With it you can track the value of the product you want over time.

This function is very useful in times of promotions like Christmas or Black Friday, because by following the price of the product in recent months, you can identify whether that promotion is really worth it.

You can register how much you want to pay for a product and receive an alert when it reaches the registered amount. This is a great function for anyone who wants to buy for as little as possible and is in no hurry to have the product. In addition, when using the app you get double cashback, which is a percentage of the amount back in your account.

The Zoom app was launched in 2014 and today it has more than 10 million downloads, making it extremely popular in its category. Its rating is 4.5 stars and its size does not exceed 10 MB.


Cuponeria is also a great option for those who like to shop online. This one app to save allows you to use discount coupons at different physical and online establishments, thus guaranteeing you more advantages when filling your shopping cart.

Through the Cuponeria app, you can enjoy benefits in stores with several segments without having to be stuck in just one. Cuponeria discounts can reach 80% and you can use them in bars, stores, pharmacies, leisure & travel, health, beauty salons, aesthetic clinics and many others. 

The application is completely free and you only need to register to start using it. Cuponeria also has a website, as the app was launched in 2013 and today has around 1 million downloads and a 4-star rating on the Play Store platform, its size is 34 MB.

Shell Box:

Gasoline is not cheap, but if you need to use your vehicle, the best thing is to be able to save on it too, right? For this there is the app to save Shell Box. He is ideal for those who have car expenses and need to save as much as possible.

Using the Shell Box app, you can find a Shell station anywhere, you can refer friends and earn money, and you can pay with the app and even earn miles. With these miles you get discounts on your next visit to the gas station.

This app is ideal for anyone who already has a favorite shell station and wants to take advantage of more advantages through the app. Every liter of regular gasoline you fill up earns you 1 point, and every liter of Shell V Power gasoline earns you 2 points. The Shell Box app was launched in 2015 and today has 5 million downloads.


For those who need to save money but don't miss the chance to have fun while traveling, there is also an application to save on travel. The Kayak app has prices available for airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, and much more.

Travel and accommodation are not cheap services, so if you are traveling for leisure or vacation, it is best to save what you can. Through Kayak you plan your trip in advance and have the flexibility to make changes whenever you want.

The app helps you check prices on more than 900 websites, filter results according to what you prefer, such as scales, airlines, departure times, cancellation policies and much more. 

Kayak has over 10 million downloads, making it one of the most popular in its category. Its size is 52 MB and it is free.

Why have an app to save money on your cell phone?

If you need to save money but don't want to cut any expenses, having a good savings app will help you save on everyday purchases and services. All apps on the list are free and don't require a monthly subscription, so you can use them with peace of mind.

So choose one of the apps on the list and start saving right now. If you liked this article, visit the Applications category on the Decorama website and find similar ones.

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