Application to track pregnancy – See how to download and use


If you are pregnant, either for the first time or already have three, four or more children, having a app to track pregnancy It can make your day a lot easier. Pregnancy is an important stage in life and keeping track of its details is very important.

A few years ago it was necessary to write down information about the pregnancy on paper to pass on to the doctor or to always have with you for any personal consultation. Today, however, this is no longer necessary.

Thanks to the internet and technology, there are several more practical ways to monitor pregnancy. In today's article, you'll find out about one of the best apps to do this directly from your cell phone, quickly and easily. See more below!

app to track pregnancy
app to track pregnancy (image taken from Google)

How does this pregnancy tracking app work?

Thanks to apps, there are already some ways for you to better monitor your pregnancy and the BabyCenter app is one of them. This tool allows the user to have all the information about the fetus in the palm of the hand.


To do this, just enter the expected date of delivery, or use the pregnancy calculator directly in the app and that's it. This one pregnancy tracking app guides you through pregnancy, with tips, ideas, information and videos tailored to each stage.

The app's tips and information help thousands of parents in Brazil and around the world to feel more prepared when facing all the challenges of motherhood and fatherhood. All this in a very practical way.

What features does BabyCenter offer the user?

Through pregnancy tracking app BabyCenter you can take advantage of many features and functions developed especially for parents and caregivers. No wonder it is one of the most downloaded apps in its category and ranks fourth on the list of top free apps for raising children.

See below the main features of this app:

  • With the app you can access a countdown to your due date, with various information about the baby's development;
  • You also receive recipe tips, food, exercises, notifications and suggestions to deal with all stages of pregnancy;
  • You can join a group to talk to pregnant women who are at the same stage as you. That way you ask questions and share what you're feeling.

You can still:

  • Search baby names;
  • Calculate your pregnancy period;
  • It has a pregnancy calendar with several items;
  • Access interactive illustrations and watch videos of fetal development;
  • Do you have suggestions for activities to do with the baby;
  • Care guidelines for your child;
  • Tips for parents to take care of themselves too. 

What are the most important technical features of this app?

For the avoidance of doubt about this pregnancy tracking app It is also necessary to pay attention to its technical information. In this topic, you will see the main technical characteristics of the BabyCenter app.

Its launch took place more than 10 years ago, in 2011, but it always receives updates of improvements and news. Today it has over 10 million downloads and a 4.9 star rating.

Your cell phone needs at least Android 5.0 for the tool to work properly. It can be downloaded from Google Play and also from the App Store for iOS for free.

How to download this app to track pregnancy?

If you are interested in the BabyCenter app and believe that its resources can help you during your pregnancy, know that download this app to track pregnancy on your cell phone is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • First check in the cell phone settings if it is connected to the internet correctly;
  • Enter the Google Play or App Store and search for “BabyCenter” or “My Pregnancy My Baby Today” in the search bar;
  • Download the application offered by “BabyCenter”;
  • Open the app, create your registration and you can use it to track all the details of your pregnancy for free.

Pregnancy Tracking Application Considerations BabyCenter

If what you need is a tool to help you better understand the stages of your pregnancy and have tips and information available whenever you want, the app to track pregnancy BabyCenter is the best option! visit your app store and try it.

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