App to watch anime – Discover the best in the mobile version


How about having one app to watch anime? Over time, the drawings and animations produced in Japan only increased their viewers, and today the whole world consumes this type of content, so let's understand the best applications for this.

Undoubtedly, the advent of fiber optic internet, offering extraordinary speeds for almost everyone, was one of the main reasons for the growth of Japanese anime, given that it is very easy to access this type of content today via the internet.

With the arrival of app to watch anime, it became even easier to have access to this type of content, considering that the animes are being transmitted via streaming. And the vast majority of streaming services have their app version, making it very easy to follow your favorite anime across multiple devices.

app to watch anime
Image: (Google) App to watch anime

App to watch anime – The best

However, streaming platforms have worked in a different way, with some companies offering the most sought-after releases only if the user pays a monthly fee for this, however, it is possible to watch other episodes that are offered for free.


It is worth remembering that the platforms that offer Japanese anime for free, most of the time, have undesirable ads, which somewhat interferes with the experience of watching your favorite anime. But give to watch.

If the user is a more frequent consumer of this type of content, it is really worth subscribing to a stream, which dedicates a specialized area to this niche market, but if the viewer watches it sporadically, it is worth watching on free platforms, for the advertisements are even tolerable.

App to watch anime – See the main apps

  • Crunchyroll: through this platform, you can find the main releases and the latest anime titles, it is worth remembering that this platform is available for both iOS and Android and can also be accessed from a computer.
  • Aniplay: this is one of the best rated applications by users, as it is a platform that has more than 1,500 anime titles, and all in minimum HD quality, it is worth remembering that it is only available for the Android platform.
  • Hidive: this platform can be accessed through Android and iOS, or even on Amazon, it is an excellent application that offers, in addition to movies, a good amount of anime titles, it is a service that has updates made all the time time, including new titles.

Goyabu Anime App

This application, which also has very relevant reviews from users who are already using this platform, is a streaming available for Android systems or via a computer, unfortunately, to date, there is still no version for the iOS system.

It is a super intuitive application, in addition to all the functions being very well organized and available on the screen, in this way users can easily find all the content they are looking for, it really is one of the best applications in the category.

Another great advantage of this application is that the streaming platform has more than 2,700 anime titles, and the most important thing, and perhaps that makes it one of the best in its category, is that it offers all contents in Full HD maximum resolution.

Is it worth subscribing to a platform

First, before choosing your preferred application to watch your anime, it is worth noting that you need to know if it is available for your platform, as not all applications are available simultaneously for Android and IOS and for the web.

Another important observation is to know the profile of the user in question, because if you are a consumer who really enjoys watching anime, watching dozens of episodes on the same day, you really need to subscribe to a good streaming platform to have access to a lot of content.

Now if the viewer in question just likes to watch anime sporadically, and tends to watch more movies and series, for example, just keep using your preferred platform like Netflix, which despite not being dedicated to this niche has some content.

How to watch anime for free

If the viewer wants to watch movies, series, or even anime for free, just do a Google search, typing the term "watch anime for free", in this way, Google will make several sites and platforms available for this. Beware of malicious websites.

However, it is necessary to remember that the vast majority of free services contain ads, as the only way for them to earn money would be with ads. Another important tip is that it is possible to do this same search in your accredited app store, that is, in the Play Store or the Apple Store.

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