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If you want to have a tool to organize yourself better at work, trello app it is one of the best options available. The popularization of the internet brought several advances for those who work and study, but with the advances also came some distractions.

Many distractions during the creation of a project, be it work, school, college or even personal, can end up disturbing the final result. Notifications from social media, games, etc. can be a negative distraction.

So having help at this time is always a good idea. That's why the Trello app was developed. In today's article, you'll learn more about how it works and how to have it on your cell phone. See more below.

trello app
trello app

What's important to know about the Trello app?

With so many distractions available on the internet, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on a task until you finish it. Therefore, tools that help the user to plan, execute and finalize a project are increasingly sought after.


Therefore, the Trello app was raised. It is a task manager that uses the card system, which facilitates an overview at the time, as well as the organization of information and activities in one place.

In addition, Trello can be used professionally or in your personal life. It is a very suitable app for anyone who wants to improve the management of tasks carried out as a team. Therefore, it is one of the best options available in stores.

What functionalities does this tool offer to the user?

O Trello app provides an overview of all your projects, whether at work at home or in the school environment. Through it you can manage a team at work, write a script for a college project or just make a shopping list.

It has several features to make the user experience as complete as possible, see some of them below:

  • You can create boards to organize everything related to your new project;
  • Use the boards individually or invite colleagues, friends and family to collaborate;
  • You can customize many different designs;
  • You can add “Things to do” checklists;
  • Assign tasks to yourself and other employees;
  • Comment on items with your friends;
  • Attach files r upload photos and videos;
  • Work offline and automatically sync boards when you reconnect, and much more.

How does the systemic part of the Trello app work?

The system of Trello app was developed to operate on most cell phones, regardless of whether the device is more advanced or more basic, so the systemic part of the app is very simple. 

Trello has been around for over 10 years as it launched in 2012 across platforms. Today it has over 10 million downloads and a 4.4 star rating. The app receives updates frequently, the last one in April of this year. 

The application is completely free, its size is only 51 MB and your device must have at least Android 8.0 for the app to work properly. The download is available on Google Play and also on the App Store.

How to install this tool on mobile?

If you liked what the Trello app has to offer the user and you believe that it can be useful for you, what do you think about installing it on your device? know that doing this is very easy and fast. To do this, follow the tutorial that we created below:. 

Before starting, check in the settings if your phone is connected to the internet.

  • Access the Android or iOS app store and search for “Trello”;
  • Install the app that appears in the results list first, it's powered by Trello, Inc.;
  • Open the application, create a record with the requested information and that's it! You can now start organizing your projects.

Considerations for the Trello organizer app

If you are a person who has difficulties to organize your projects, or just want a tool to facilitate this process, Trello app is the solution! In addition to being free, it is also super easy to use.

So don't waste time and try the app as soon as possible! if you liked this post and want to see others like it, visit the Applications category of the site

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