Vintage effect app – Make your images even better


If you like taking pictures of landscapes and selfies, but you're tired of traditional filters, what do you think about trying one app with vintage effect. This type of application is different from regular cell phone editors as it doesn't have just one or two vintage filters, but several types.

With the advancement of technology, smartphone cameras are getting better and providing amazing images. However, editing the photos we want to post is still necessary, as a good edition should be light but make a difference.


Analog cameras leave the image with an incredible effect and different from most, which are digital. However, this type of camera exceeds 10 thousand reais, not being so accessible. Therefore, if you want to leave your digital photos with an old-fashioned effect, follow the post.

app with vintage effect
app with vintage effect (image taken from internet)

How does this vintage effect app work?

Café Camera is the app with vintage effect ideal for you to edit your photos. It is a complete tool, with different types of filters to make your images amazing. It differs from the cell phone's own editing tools, is that it has a huge variety of filters.

With it you can edit images or take pictures straight from the app's camera. Café Camera is one of the most complete in its category, as it has more than 1000 editing filters. Among them, photo exposure change filters, color effects, 3D and much more.

Anyone who likes to make their images stand out will love this app. That way you don't get stuck with photos that are always the same, with the same type of image and light. However, for those who want to leave the image with a digital photo effect, they can also use the app, as it has all kinds of filters, not just vintage.

Features of the Café Camera app

This one app with vintage effect it has several features for those who like different images, whether to post on social networks, share with friends or save in a physical photo album.

See some of the features of the Café Camera app below:

  • You have more than seventy professionally designed filters, vintage effects, more than a thousand color filter effects, forty photo exposure effects and much more;
  • Photo color adjustment tools (contrast, sharpness, brightness, ghosting, HSL, HSV, haze, color balance, white balance, exposure)
  • HD photo editor;
  • You can create your own filter;
  • The app can edit your photos into an album and share them with other apps and social networks (such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, among others;

You get it all for free and in an app with a super easy to use interface, without too many buttons or distractions. In addition to everything, the app also has filters for images that you don't want to leave as old but modern.

What are the features of this vintage effect app?

Before installing Café Camera, see some of its technical characteristics. So you are sure if it will work correctly on your cell phone. This one app with vintage effect was released in March 2019, less than 3 years ago.

Its last update was in January 2022 and since its launch it has already surpassed the 5 million download mark. The app has a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store platform and its size does not take up much storage space, as it is only 22 MB.

The application is free and can be used by anyone. Unfortunately, anyone who has a cell phone with an iOS system still cannot download it, as Café Camera is only available for Android for now.

How to install this tool on mobile?

Now you know the main features and details of this vintage effect app. If you are interested and want to download this tool on your device, see now the step by step.

First you need to open your Play Store app store. Type the name “Cafe Camera HD” in the search bar and install the option that appears first in the results. 

If you are in doubt, check the supplier, which should read “Analog Film Photo & Photo Editor & Camera”. After that, just open the app and use it normally to make your best edits.

Considerations about this app

If what you want is to leave your images with a special touch to make them look old, this app with vintage effect is your best free option. In addition to making your life easier, because you can have everything in one place, you will never again depend on basic and boring filters

Therefore download now and try it. If you liked this article, visit the other categories of the Decorama website and find similar ones.

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