Ticket.com App – Find out how to buy your tickets online


If you love cinema but can't stand queues, the ticket.com app is the best option for you. After almost two years, the return to cinemas is happening gradually in Brazil, but nobody deserves to waste time in the queues.

Strolling through the malls is a popular activity among those who want to go out with friends, often including visiting the cinemas and watching the feature film that is showing. There are also those who are big fans of an actor or saga, and need to have tickets at the premiere as soon as possible.


Buying your ticket online through the application, in addition to saving time in queues, also helps you to have more time to choose your seat. So you don't have to take a seat in a location you don't like.

ticket.com app
ticket.com app (image taken from Google)

What is the ticket.com app?

Facing physical queues or buying on the spot can become stressful, in addition to the risk of not getting the best seats in the room. The Ticket.com Application was created precisely to make life easier for those who love cinema.

With it you guarantee your tickets from anywhere in Brazil. The app is a quick and practical alternative to not miss its premieres, especially if you watch it with a group of friends. That way everyone guarantees places close to each other.

Ingresso.com is also a website and you can buy directly through it, in the biggest cinema chains in Brazil. But with the practicality of the application, you can buy your tickets anywhere.

What does it offer users?

O ticket.com app is one of the most complete app stores. It offers many features and an easy way to buy the ticket you want. With it you can:

● Watch trailers of the most anticipated movies in HD;

● View session schedules across Brazil, including Cinemark, Kinoplex, Cinepolis, Espaço Itaú, Cineart and more;

● Secure snacks by buying the popcorn, soda and sweets combo online to accompany the movie;

● You can add different payment methods to your account, such as Paypal, credit or debit card;

● Have your tickets on your cell phone and go straight to the movie theater without having to queue;

● Follow the premieres of the week and receive personalized offers for you in the registered e-mail.

● Receive notifications with pre-sales and premieres of your favorite movies;

If you need a tool to make your life easier and offer other features, Ingresso.com is ideal. With it, you can check the cinema closest to you, and you can also view the session times and available seats, in the same way as buying physically.

Main features of the ingressso.com application

If you have any doubts that the ticket.com app will it work on your device? Now see some of its main features. The launch of the app happened a few years ago, in April 2017. 

Today it is one of the most popular in its category. It ranks fifth on the list of top free entertainment apps. Ingresso.com has over 1 million downloads and a 4.2 star rating on the Play Store. 

The app has recently received updates to improve the user experience, so it's better than ever. Its size of just 32 MB doesn't take up much of your phone's memory. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and also from the App Store for iOS devices.

How to install on mobile?

Now that you know the ticket.com application and how it works, what do you think about installing it on your cell phone? The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes, see now the step by step.

First you have to open your app store which can be Google Play Store or App Store. Type the name “Ingresso.com” in the search bar and download the option that appears first in the search results.

After that, you just need to register with your preferred email and password. If you don't want to create an account right now, you can buy tickets normally even without an account in the app. 

Considerations about the ticket.com application

If what you are looking for is a way to save time, not waste time in queues and have the practicality of buying anywhere, ticket.com app it is the right choice. Plus, it's completely free of charge. download the app and enjoy!

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