Discover 3 apps to subtitle videos and make them more accessible


Have you ever used apps to subtitle videos? The subtitle in a video is an important tool. This ensures accessibility so that more and more people can follow the content.

Also, even those who don't necessarily need subtitles can still use them when they can't turn on the sound. This is often used in YouTube videos and stories or Instagram Reels, even by non-content producers.

If you want to become a good content producer, or just want to make sure your friends and followers have a good experience, it's important that you subtitle your videos. That's why we've separated 3 apps so you can do it right on your cell phone, without having to work too hard.

apps to subtitle videos
apps to subtitle videos (image taken from Google)

Applications for subtitling videos

To subtitle a video a few years ago, it was necessary to download a software on a computer and spend a few minutes or hours to do it. Today, however, with technology, this process has been updated.


There are already several apps to subtitle videos that facilitate this process. With them you can insert and even customize your subtitles in a faster and more practical way. The subtitle feature makes your videos accessible for those who need to read it or for those who cannot activate the sound at that time.

In some cases, the caption is automatic and you don't have to keep writing, and then you just need to review it before posting it on your favorite social network or saving it on your device. Follow now the apps that we separate for you:


CapCut is one of the apps to subtitle videos currently most used. Users use CapCut to edit videos in general with various effects and its subtitle function as well. He is from the company Bytedance, which also owns TikTok, so many people who use the social network know CapCut.

The application manages to automatically subtitle by transcribing the audio and synchronizing in a matter of seconds. It's a great option for subtitling your videos, because in addition to being fast, it's also free.

To insert the subtitle, you just need to select the “automatic subtitles” option. After that, just choose between transcribing the original audio or an external voiceover and that's it. The App is available for Android and iOS devices.


This is another one of apps to subtitle videos much used. It inserts subtitles automatically and even allows you to customize them with different colors, transitions and fonts. The app is not aimed at editing videos in general, but you can also make small adjustments with it.

The app has a free and paid version, with the free AutoCap your videos come out with a watermark, in addition to having blocked functions. In the paid version, however, there is no watermark and all the app's functions are available, and it has translations for languages other than Portuguese.

You can download the AutoCap app on an Android device via the Play Store, and also on iOS devices via the App Store. Plan options are R$19.99 per month or R$149.99 per year.

Video show:

With an easy-to-use interface, VideoShow is a great app for inserting subtitles. It's free, available for both Android on the Play Store and for iPhones on the App Store, and it's free.

This is one of apps to subtitle videos which has more downloads, surpassing 100 million. VideoShow has a 4.6 star rating and more than 5,000 user reviews. With it, you have an app with many editing features, in addition to subtitles.

You can create memes, videos, slideshow with image, music, animation sticker and much more, however it is up to you to transcribe and synchronize the subtitle with the audio, it is ideal for short videos, but for longer ones it can be laborious.

It also has a paid version that costs R$25.99 per month. Its size occupies just under 40 MB on mobile.

Application considerations for subtitling videos

If you want to create stories or videos that are inclusive and accessible to everyone, adding captions is essential, whether you are a content creator or not. Even if you only want to share with a few followers, captions are important, and apps to subtitle videos can make the job easier. 

That's why test one of the apps from our list and see how it works. To see more posts like this visit the other categories of our site and have fun. 

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