Bitz – Bradesco now has its digital wallet without fees


Bradesco launches a new application called Bitz, which is nothing more than a digital wallet of the institution, the novelty arrived recently on April 14th and is available both for cell phones that use Android and IOS. The arrival of this application was really expected.

Just like the other applications in the category, the purpose is to pay and receive using only your mobile device. It is also possible to download and register in the Bitz application for free, simply by providing a cell phone number, CPF, e-mail, date of birth, full name and address.


The application Bitz it also offers a virtual debit card, as well as a physical card with the ”Elo” brand and also with an NFC function if the user uses the balance of his digital wallet in online or physical offers. It is also possible to make 24-hour cash withdrawals, the application also allows free transfers between application accounts.

Image: (Google) Bitz

Advantages of Bitz

The first major advantage of the application is that no monthly fee is charged for using the application's services, such as payment of bills, payment with QR code, use of the physical or debit card balance, or still do cell phone recharges.

However, to carry out cash withdrawals using ATMs, the user will need to pay a fee of r$ 7.90 for each transaction. debit case, and 4,99% for credit payments.

Regarding security, the Bitz application has encrypted data technology that has high security standards that follow the PCI protocol, not to mention that the platform also has all the security systems used by Banco Bradesco.

Other features of Bitz

  • Free physical and virtual debit card.
  • Transfers between applications or to Bradesco 100% accounts free of charge.
  • Transfer to any bank account 100% free through Pix.
  • Boleto payments, or payments via QR code free of charge.
  • Specialized security with Bradesco standard using encryption for data protection.

Arrival of digital wallets

This digital financial transaction format has become very popular, especially in recent months, due to the ease of receiving and sending money in a completely secure and online way. The Bitz digital wallet offers more or less the same services as its main competitors such as the Bd wallet and Picpay.


However, the Banco do Brasil wallet, for example, has the main advantage of being free when withdrawing your money at the bank's terminal. In the Picpay app, there are options and plans for people who want to use the tool in their business.

Really, the arrival of apps in the financial world has made people's lives much easier, due to time optimization, as the vast majority of things we needed to do at bank branches, we managed to do in the app quickly and digitally.

Is it safe to move money online?

Well, when the first options for moving online appeared almost a decade ago, the number of users using the tool was almost insignificant, as internet access was not yet fully popularized, in addition to its speed not being usable either.

However, with the popularization of smartphones, and with the arrival of 4G technology and fiber optic internet, financial operations carried out in a virtual environment grew alarmingly, and with their growth, security systems also improved and became practically inviolable.

It is clear that the facilities created through the applications would reach the world of personal finance, as paying a water bill, electricity, bills and invoices in a few clicks and without leaving home, really eliminated a lot of things, because before it was necessary to get the car, spending gas, paying for parking, standing in queues to carry out these simple tasks.

How to download the app

For users who want to use Bradesco's virtual wallet, that is, the Bitz application, they need to download the application from their accredited virtual store. through the app, download and install.

Everything is done quickly and easily, it's all very intuitive. For users who use iPhones with the "iOS" system, it is necessary to enter your accredited store "Apple Store" and carry out exactly the same procedure described above, and in a few clicks you will be able to fully use the application.

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