Color Simulator – Know the best options


Have you heard about color simulator? That's right! Currently, you can simulate how a wall or even an entire house will look, so that there are no surprises with the final result, as it is possible to visualize exactly how it will look through simulators.

Let's get to know through this article the main simulators that exist today in the virtual app stores. It's worth checking out, especially if you're finishing your construction, or still want to change some environment in your home. The app is really functional.

Common color simulator, everything is quick and easy, because with just a few clicks it is possible to visualize the final result, that is, it is possible to test all the possibilities before choosing the final color of your environment. There are apps that, in addition to painting, also decorate environments.

Color Simulator
Image; (Google) Color Simulator

Color Simulator – The best

  • Suvinil: this is the color simulator of the famous brand "Suvinil", the user has an incredible color palette available, which also exist in physical stores. It's super easy to use and the app is completely free. It is worth remembering that you can use your own photograph, that is, you can take a picture of an environment, and the simulator will do the entire virtual painting process.
  • Color Snap Visualizer: through this application, you can find all the colors that the brand itself offers. It is also possible to combine colors in real time, it is also possible to make a simulation through a photo or even from the database.
  • Coral Visualizer: to use this application, the user just needs to download it for both the cell phone and the tablet. It is also possible to test colors, and even do some tests with augmented reality technology, or even through video.

Color Simulator – Other options

Another application that is very interesting is the "Paint Tester", which also like the others, offers you the option of taking a photo of a part of the house, and simulating how it would look painted, it is possible to do the test as many times as you want with several colors, in addition to being able to combine them.


The ”Lukscolor” application is also free, and the tests can also be done through the website, however for this you need to upload a photo of yourself to be able to do the simulations, both on the website and also in the application it is possible to share the your result.

3D simulator site, this really is a fantastic tool, because in addition to being a simulator, it also offers the possibility of making virtual decoration in some environment. With this tool you can paint, both walls and windows, doors, or even furniture.

Best apps to simulate

The ”Renner” app is one of the main simulators nowadays, to access it, just enter the website and log in, the user can test their skills, both with the catalog that the platform itself offers, as well as uploading a photo own to start the tests, it is possible to save and send as well.

The ”Paint My Room” app, as its name says, in a literal translation, would be “painting your room”, and it really delivers this possibility, considering that the user can see a wide range of colors, whether they are in the wall or through augmented reality.

Another interesting feature is when the user points the camera at the wall, it can make changes in real time, for that the user needs to download the application, however, the possibilities of colors are smaller than in other tools. This app only fails in that detail.

Wall covering options

When it comes to painting a wall, the applications that simulate this task are really good, and really help the user a lot when deciding what color to paint a wall or even an environment, however, there are other possibilities for coating a wall.

A modality of technique that is very fashionable, is the burnt cement, it has been used in a very wide way in civil construction, in view of its low cost and the modern final result, it is worth thinking about the possibility before painting the your home.

There are also very interesting options today, such as exposed brick cladding, with this technique you can save a lot too, just applying the cladding directly to the wall, without it needing to be painted. That's why it's an interesting economy.

Is it worth using a simulator

The answer is yes, because they really deliver what they promise, that is, they offer the user the possibility of seeing their painted environment before buying the paint, this task is very interesting, as it avoids unpleasant surprises after the finished work is ready.

Simulators really have a very interesting technology, with some applications in real time, just pointing the camera at a wall, it is worth remembering that in the past the only possibility was to go to a paint store and look at the color palette.

For more information and interesting tips on general knowledge, or to find out everything that happens in the virtual world, visit our apps category. Good luck!