Daily routine app – See how this app works and build yours


Want to get better organized but don't know where to start? Maybe one daily routine app can help you with that. Every day we have countless things to do, from our commitments to tasks that should be someone else's.

Over time and as we grow, the responsibilities increase. So what before was just getting organized with homework, college assignments, grocery shopping, work activities, home activities and much more.


That's why it's important to set up a routine so you don't overwhelm yourself and also manage to complete all the tasks, plus you get even more time on a daily basis. So follow the post below and get to know a daily routine app which can be very good for you.

daily routine app
daily routine app (image taken from Google)

What is this daily routine app for?

Fabulous is a daily routine app that helps you create routines and stay motivated. With it you will learn to improve your physical conditioning, reach your goals, record habits, adjust your sleep cycle and much more.

As day-to-day responsibilities increase, we end up leaving several aspects of our lives aside, especially well-being and health. That's why there's the app 'Fabulous: Routines and Motivation' which is free and will transform your routine.

In addition, you can still use the app to your advantage when it comes to losing weight and creating new habits with it, such as meditation and yoga, which are essential for a calmer and healthier life. See its features below.

What are the features of the Fabulous app?

Developer The Fabulous released this daily routine app in 2013. Today it already has more than 10 million downloads and has a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store platform, which shows how satisfied users are with the app.

The app is free, but you can purchase products through it. Its download occupies about 90 MB on the cell phone and it is available both for Android devices in the Google Play Store and for iPhones in the App Store.

In addition to everything, the app has a very beautiful and colorful interface, with inviting illustrations, and it's easy to use. You must have Android 5.0 or higher for the Fabulous app to work properly. Its most recent update is from October 2021.

How does this daily routine app work?

As daily routine app Fabulous you have a series of functionalities to create your ideal routine. You can create reminders, record exercises performed in the app itself, and it has challenges that you must meet to improve your routine, see now what it offers:

  • You receive targeted health and wellness advice so you can develop an exercise routine and improve your physical conditioning;
  • The app has a habit tracker focused on your physical and mental health;
  • You can access weight loss trainings. Trainings are more complete and are not simply based on counting calories;
  • You will have a daily coach to reach your goals;
  • Integrated sessions of meditation and relaxation, yoga, exercises and others;
  • Tools to help improve your sleep cycle;
  • Content to help you improve productivity and focus;

In addition, in the Fabulous app you can access a 7-minute weight loss workout, zen and vipassana meditation, stretching starter pack to improve flexibility and yoga exercises to reduce anxiety.

How to download the Fabulous app?

Now you know the daily routine app Fabulous, its features and what it offers, what do you think about installing it? If you are interested, in the following topic we will explain the step by step for this. 

The first step is you open your app store Play Store for Android or App Store for iPhones. The second is to type the name 'Fabulous: Routines and Motivation' in the search bar, you must install the app developed by The Fabulous company.

Once installed and opened, just start using the app and customize it your way, filling in the information correctly, such as email, name and questions about your routine and thoughts. That way you'll be able to use the app in a way that really helps you on a daily basis.

Considerations about the app

If you need help getting better organized, the daily routine app Fabulous might be the best solution. It was developed not only to create reminders, but to help you in a more complete way mentally and physically. That's why try the app today and see how it works.

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