Discover how to create a free and secure website step by step


It's possible create a free and secure website? Are there really platforms that can offer us all the current resources to create a dynamic website and completely free of charge? It is exactly this and other questions that we will see in this article.

Let's talk about "Google sites", which is a fantastic tool, and it really is completely free. Through this platform it is possible to create incredible websites, with modern and professional resources. The Google platform is very interesting for creating company websites.


If you want create a free and secure website, you can access the ”Google sites” platform, it works very well for freelancers and also for NGOs. There are also seo tools, so that your site can be better ranked by Google itself.

how to create free and secure website
Image: (Google) How to create a free and secure website

See how to create a free and secure website

The most interesting thing about Google's platform for creating websites is that it is possible to add many interesting features such as; presentations, spreadsheets, and even forms. We will continue to show throughout this article how to use the tools successfully.

It is worth remembering that to create a website quickly and fluidly on the Google platform, you do not need to be an advanced web designer, however, you need a little experience in the world of design software, in order to be able to make the website smoothly. more intuitive.

The idea of the platform is to make the user himself able to create his website in a few steps, that's why the interface is very connected, and everything is very intuitive, however, it is necessary, as we said, to have a little experience in the digital world and ease of content creation.

Step by step to create free and secure website

  • First you need to access the site ""
  • Then you need to login with your existing Google account. 
  • Now you need to access the home page, and click on "create", right after you need to select "new" on Google Sites.

Starting to build the website

Having completed all the previous steps, the user will be directed to the place where he will start creating the website, he must go to the "insert" option that is at the top of the screen, there you will be able to add images, text, upload to your website of files, or even embed elements.

In the same place, it is also possible to insert links to YouTube videos, documents, spreadsheets, and a wide range of services. You can now create your "backgrounds", that is, the background. On your current page, you need to click on change image, now indicate if you want to upload an image, or if you want to use Google's own image.

If you want to choose an image, just click on the "select" option, that way, you can add a background, that is, a background for your website. The platform is really very intuitive and in a few steps the website starts to take shape, that is, a professional website starts to appear.

How to put logos

To add a logo, just hover your mouse in the upper left corner of your screen, now just click on "add logo", if you want to search on your computer, you can search for the image to upload. Everything is very fast and intuitive.

In case the user chooses to add new pages to his website, he must click on "pages" in this way the option to create new pages can be found in the symbol (+) that is at the bottom of his screen on the right side. The interface is really user-friendly.

Now you can put the name of this page and the logo after that, now you must click on "done". If you want to add more elements, or even some Google service, mainly online services, just click on the "insert" option, now scroll down and choose the item you want to add.

Completing the website creation

The user can also choose ready-made themes, in order to create his website, just click on "themes", usually the option of choosing a ready-made template is very interesting, as it is enough to replace the data and texts and all the construction of the website will be practically ready.

You can either choose to make your website using all the platform's resources, or take an example of a ready-made website, and change the text titles and images, so your website will be complete. Remember that there are seo tools already built into the templates, in addition to Google services.

That done, just click on the "publish" option, just now save the address you created and click on "publish" again. If you want to preview the site, just click on the preview icon. For more information visit our apps category. Good luck!