Google calendar app - Organize your personal or professional calendar


with the app Google Calendar App, you will be able to organize your life much better, considering that the application has very interesting tools to organize your personal and professional life through this application, which is very complete for these tasks.

Many people want to remember all their tasks by heart, however, a good well-organized agenda can help a lot in people's lives, especially from the moment you start having many appointments. This app is worth a look.


O Google Calendar app in addition to organizing your schedule and optimizing your time, you can do it in a very creative way, and very functional too, as the application was designed exactly to meet these needs, which we will understand better throughout this article.

google calendar app
Image: (Google) Google calendar app

Google Calendar App Features

It is a completely free application, developed by the giant Google, available for both Android and iOS, it is very practical and presents all the main holidays, in addition to the birthdays of your friends that are part of your agenda or even Google Drive.

It is also possible to organize your day to day, even events, because you can divide everything by category and colors, you can organize your favorite restaurants, your scheduled flights, in short, the tool is very complete, and certainly one of the best in class.

In the most recent update, the application underwent a considerable change, using a much more attractive design, characteristic of the most current versions of Android, which is why users noticed a big difference in its new look. It really got quite interesting.

Google Calendar App – Tools

After the user downloads the application to his cell phone, it is possible to start using the agenda in a very practical way, very simple and very easy too, just click on the dates you want to schedule, put times, and also divide by colors, you can configure everything manual too.

Through Google's agenda, you can book a hotel, schedule flights throughout Brazil and international flights as well and now you can have a reminder for your main shows, and also make reservations through the application itself. It is a super complete tool.

If the user wants to make it even easier to organize his daily appointments, Google's agenda makes some suggestions for titles, remembering that you can put the name you want, as it is just a suggestion. It is possible to configure everything manually as well.

main features

  • Free 100% application available for Android and IOS.
  • Very light, with a super friendly interface and very easy to use.
  • It already comes with the main holidays added, and the user can also configure their main dates throughout the year.
  • Everything is available in a very organized way, but the user can also configure it his way, through manual settings.
  • Fast, intuitive and complete, it is considered one of the best tools in terms of organizing and optimizing daily tasks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the application

In the case of this Google application, its main advantage is that it is already fully integrated with Gmail, and also already has integrated partners such as restaurants, travel agencies, in addition to already having all holidays duly marked in the calendar.

Through the application it is also possible to see maps, photos, or even images of the places where the user wants to travel, another incredible advantage is its design, which was very well created, thus facilitating quick visualization, and optimizing usability.

The only disadvantage found for this Google tool is that to use the application, the user will need to create a Google account, however, the vast majority of people already have a Google account, however, those who do not have the account can create it very quickly.

How to download the app

To download the application in question, just go to your application store, and type in the search term "Google Calendar", in this way the first option that will appear is the application in question, the application does not need comments, because it already is highly rated and has millions of downloads around the world.

Many people tend to want to carry out their tasks without a professional agenda, and in addition to wasting a lot of time, they end up forgetting some appointments, so if you already have some daily appointments, it's worth organizing an agenda through this application.

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