How to download TikTok? – Learn all about this video app


Want to learn how to download tiktok? In the last two years, one of the most successful apps has been a video app, Tik Tok. This tool had already fallen in love with young people, but during the long months of social isolation it gained even more public.

Young people aged 12 to 15 all over the world use this platform to watch videos on different subjects in a dynamic and fun way. With that, the app gained more and more prominence and today even companies use tik tok to promote a product.
Many people, however, still don't know very well what this application is and what you can do with it. Therefore, in today's post we will explain its details and how to download tiktok, you can have a lot of fun with it without leaving your home.

how to download tik tok
how to download tiktok (image taken from Google)

What is this videos app?

before we teach how to download tiktok you need to understand what this app is all about. Tik Tok is a platform where you watch short videos, usually 15 seconds to 1 minute long. 

He exploded in popularity because of dance videos. Today it has all kinds of video categories to please different audiences. In it you can see videos of choreography, makeup, clothing style, funny videos, and much more, all of which usually follow a trend.


Trends are audio or video styles that have gone viral, that is, very popular in the application itself, due to a song, video style or choreography. An example is the song by singer Cardi B, WAP. Where many people made a choreography video of a part of the song.

The Popularity of TikTok

Tik Tok's journey started in 2016 in China, where in the first year it had more than 100 million users. A year later, in 2017, the app wanted to grow in the United States as well, so it bought and exploded all over the world.

The app is so popular that most young people and teenagers already know how to download tiktok and use it in different ways. His influence is so great that today if a song becomes popular on Tik Tok it automatically becomes popular in the rest of the world. 

On several music streaming platforms, for example, there are playlists dedicated only to Tik Tok songs. This also created several content generators. People who, with a few years or even months, gained several subscribers and thousands of views on their videos. 

This has also gained the attention of companies looking to appeal to a younger demographic. Tik Tok has advertisements in short video format for clothing stores Renner, Banco Itaú, Burger King, Seara, Magazine Luiza, Motorola, Amazon, Netflix and many others.

What are the features of the TikTok app?

Before you know how to download tiktok it is important to know some application information. The app has more than 1 billion downloads only in the Android app store, which shows that people all over the world use it. 

Its rating is 4.4 stars and it always receives updates for improvements, the last one in September 2021. The app is free so it contains ads, but they are in the form of a video in the app itself. Its size is about 90 MB, but it can take up more space as you use the app.

You have the option to download the tiktok lite that works faster and takes up less space on your phone. The TikTok app is also available for iPhone devices in the App Store, where it has a 4.9 star rating.

How to download TikTok?

If you're interested in using tik tok to watch, share and enjoy videos of all kinds, or if you're looking to become a content producer on this platform, pay attention to this topic.

It was the most downloaded app of the year 2020 and within a few months people who didn't understand the app became popular influencers. We will explain step by step how to download tiktok Next:

  • First: Open your Google Play Store app store if your device is an Android, if it is an Iphone open your App Store;
  • Second: Type the name TikTok in the search bar, install the app developed by TikTok Pte. Ltd.
  • Third: After that you just need to make an account with your email or another social network like facebook, you will be directed to a screen to choose the type of content you want to see like dance, comedy, clothes and others;
  • Room: To enjoy a video just double click on it or click on the heart in the right menu of the screen. If you want to record a video, just click on the “+” button on the bottom menu.

try the app on your cell phone and see how it works, it's free. If you liked this post, visit our Applications area.

There you have access to several posts, such as articles about expense control, photo editing, gardening, and many others. Try the app that suits you best.