How To Make Money On TikTok – Earn Up To R$80 For Each Friend Invited


The world of applications does not stop pumping, how to make money on tik tok? That's right, it is possible to have fun with the application in question, and still earn some extra money! There is a possibility to earn up to r$ 80 for each friend that was invited through your invitation.

People have been asking, how make money watching tik tok? With the growth of the application in recent months, the demand for monetization of the platform has also grown significantly. The app developers really got it right. The platform is already a great success!


Before you know how much does tiktok pay, it is necessary for the user to understand the application's tools well, in this way it will be easier to understand how to earn money using Tik Tok, it is worth remembering that millions of users in Brazil have already downloaded the application in question.

Image: (Google) How to make money on TikTok

How to make money on Tik Tok

It works like this, the user gets r$ 2 that are related to each new user indicated, that is to each friend who downloads the application and registers. It is worth remembering that TikTok has a new system that allows you to refer people, and thus earn money for this task. It really is fantastic!

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How to earn up to R$ 85 bonus until the 20/05th:

1 – Click on the Banner Below or Click here For download

2 – Register and then access the rewards area, watch 3 minutes of video per day

3 – Click on Referral reward and enter the code 20173115

It works like the famous discount coupons, users end up referring new friends to Uber eats, and iFood, for example, the difference is that the referrals will be made to a social network, the already famous and widely used Tik Tok, not to mention that it is possible to make bank transfers directly to your account.

It is worth remembering that to monetize your Tik Tok, you must be of legal age, and accept all the terms of use, that is, agree with all the clauses described in your term of use. There are already thousands of people around the world specializing in Tik Tok, and they are already making big money!

The big question! How to make money with Tik Tok!

The first thing we need to know is that for each friend you refer, Tik Tok pays the amount of r$ 2 for this action, not to mention that the user you invited earns 50 cents, but you must be of legal age to be entitled to these bonus. It pays to understand the application well.

It is worth remembering that the invitation code will only be accepted and paid for if the person you invited does not have an account in the Tik Tok application, so if the user who already has an account tries to use the invitation, he will not receive anything for it. this action. You have to be attentive to details.

The platform keeps the user informed about how their new friend is using the platform, if your referral uses the platform three days in a row, after 10 days of registration, you will be remunerated with the amount of r$3 to r$9 for that time your guest stayed on Tik Tok.

Inviting people and earning bonuses

  • First you need to log into your Tik Tok account.
  • Then you need to click on the icon titled “I”, this icon is located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Then the user in question will see a new screen with the balance in reais or in rubies.
  • Now, you need to click invite.
  • If the desired user starts using Tik Tok, he can do so by clicking here in this invitation.

Bonus offered to new friends

New users are entitled to special bonuses, especially when they perform certain tasks, this action must be done in the first few days after registration. In this case, the user receives his bonus through the currency "rubis" which is the official currency of the platform, to earn r$ 1 you must have at least ten thousand rubies.

Each task has a reward value, sharing the bonus promotions page is equivalent to 1500 rubies, watching a video for at least 3 minutes is worth 2000 rubies, for users who post videos, the reward is 3000 rubies, it is still possible to earn 3 thousand rubies for watching 10 minutes of video, or even earn 5000 rubies for watching 20 minutes of video.

Another important tip is that the platform offers the option to make a bank transfer of the amounts that are in your account, in this way the amounts are automatically converted into reais so that the transfer can be made. Everything works like a normal transfer.

How to download the app

For users who want to download an application, you can do so through of this invitation, or go to your app store and search for the app, download and install it. Everything is done very quickly and super easily, and in a few clicks the application will be up and running.

The Tik Tok application is available both for devices that use the Android system and for iPhones that use the iOS system, so no one is left out of this opportunity to have fun and still earn extra money. Worth trying!

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