How to earn money with Google Rewards


You know how to earn money with google rewards? That's right, there are thousands of people already making money through this amazing Google platform. Really the biggest company in the virtual world doesn't stop innovating and always releases breathtaking news!

A few years ago, when people talked about making money on the internet, it always sounded like something dubious, in view of the large misleading advertisements in which the only intention was to make the user spend some money with whoever was advertising.


However, at present, the question how to earn money with google rewards, shows that this reality has changed, bearing in mind that there are people actually living solely and exclusively on income from the internet, there are already hundreds of thousands of people with very interesting salaries.

How to earn money with Google Rewards
Image: (Google) How to make money with Google Rewards

Learn how to earn money with Google Rewards

A simple way to earn money with the platform, which is available for Android and iPhones, is to answer some quick surveys, and that way you can earn money. Which can be used later through Google play or transferred to PayPal for Apple users.

The application in question sends some questions and they are asked once a week, but can also receive more frequently, thus increasing profits. It is necessary to activate the location and still keep the application updated, in addition to checking the searches every day.

These are valuable tips to be able to receive more money through the application or the platform, answering questions directly in ”Google Oinion Rewards”. Indeed, the advancement of technology and the development of applications has brought new forms of profitability for users not only in Brazil, but worldwide.

How to earn money with Google rewards by disabling energy saving mode 

Generally this feature, which is very good in the case of saving battery, can be an impediment for Google Rewards to send your questions more frequently, it is worth remembering that there are ways to save battery and still receive more surveys.

It is enough for the user to access the "settings" of his cell phone, then look for the "battery" option, then click on the three dots that are on the right side of the screen at the top, now click on "battery optimization", just switch to option ”no optimization”.

It is worth remembering that to get good people with the application, it is necessary that the cell phone is always active and charged, as the number of surveys answered will be equivalent to the final profits, which is why it is necessary to disable the battery saving mode of your device.

Location and history permission

It is essential to give permission to the application to access information about your location and also the history, considering that many searches sent by Google Rewards are directly related to trips made by users. That's why you need to activate this option.

  • Again, this option is already requested when installing the application.
  • In case of activating later, you need to go to settings, then Google location history.
  • Now the user needs to choose the account and check if the feature is enabled.
  • Another important tip is to try to answer as many surveys as possible, leaving your cell phone configured correctly, this will make you more profitable.

Google Rewards always up to date 

It is necessary to keep the application properly updated, so that it can receive more surveys. If you are using the old version, changes to the survey collection system may become incompatible. Therefore, special attention is required for this information.

There is the possibility of configuring the update completely automatically, for this you need to go to "settings" of the Google Play Store, and then click on "update applications automatically" if you want to update only Google Rewards, you must click on "my apps and games” then locate the Google service, then just click on update.

You will remember that it is extremely important to check every day if there are surveys to be answered, because in this way the tool's algorithm recognizes the people who are most interested and available to meet the platform's expectations.

How to download the app 

For users who wish to earn extra money through Google Rewards, it is very simple, just enter your accredited application store and search for the official Google application, "Google Rewards", then just download and install the application in question.

Everything is done very quickly and super easily, any ordinary user can use all the application's tools in a few clicks, it is worth remembering that Google Rewards is available both for devices that use the Android system and those that use the iOS system.

For more information about profitable applications, or even about the biggest news in the virtual world, visit our apps category! Good luck!