5 Tips for taking better photos – Meet an app to help you


want to learn to how to take better pictures? Social networks, especially Instagram, are full of selfies and photos of animals and landscapes, usually very well done. That's because it's focused on images, so users like to dedicate themselves when taking a picture.

It used to be necessary to walk around with a professional camera to take good pictures, but now we can use our cell phones. In the last decade we got used to automating the photos, because of the quality of the cell phone camera and the ease of using it.


However, many people still have problems leaving the photo as they imagined. Therefore, if you are having difficulty taking good pictures with your device, we will give you some tips in today's article.

how to take better pictures
how to take better pictures (image taken from Google)

1. Rule of thirds:

The rule of thirds is a great technique for anyone wanting to learn how to take better pictures. It is very simple and is used by photographers and even painters. 

This makes the framing of your photo more harmonic and balanced, regardless of the scenario. Most cell phones have this hidden setting, you just need to look for it in the adjustments before taking the photo. 

It can have several names, such as guidelines, framing, or large, the important thing is that a frame appears with two lines horizontally and two vertically. Using the rule of thirds will make your image more aligned and highlight what you need.

2. Manual Mode:

Manual mode is what will really help you learn how to take better pictures. That's because with it you can adjust various characteristics of the photo and not be stuck in manual mode.


Using manual mode makes you learn what each adjustment does to your image. This mode is important because depending on where you are, the configuration must be customized. You can be in a place with a lot of natural light, a lot of artificial light, dim lighting, a landscape from afar or an object that is close.

With manual mode you adjust ISO, focus, exposure and much more. Shutter speed, for example, is adjusted when you want to take pictures of a moving object. The higher the speed, the sharper the moving object is, but this decreases the amount of light.

3. Don't be hostage to zoom:

Many modern cell phones allow a huge zoom in, but keep in mind that the more you use it, the more quality your photo loses. Not being hostage to digital zoom is a good tip to learn how to take better pictures.

That's because most cell phones leave the photo grainy or with less definition when you use the digital zoom a lot. Therefore, choose to have a higher quality image, even from afar, than to have a close-up image that does not allow you to see the details.

If your cell phone has a particularly optical zoom lens, that's fine, but if it doesn't, it's best to avoid it and get as close to the object as possible. If absolutely necessary, use the least amount of zoom possible.

4. Meet HDR Mode:

Cell phone cameras are getting better and better because of competition between companies, none wants to lose customers because of cameras. This means that most have functions in common, such as the HDR mode, which you can find on many devices.

The HDR Mode lets you learn how to take better pictures, as it balances the light intensities of the same location. This leaves your photo with much better color definition and contrast.

Find the option of how to HDR on your mobile and do some tests in different places. That way you learn the best scenarios to use it, and avoid them getting an artificial look, which can happen if the HDR mode is used in an unnecessary place.

5. Treat your images:

Having a good app for making small adjustments will help you learn how to take better photos. These apps have many filters and other features to improve the quality of your photos. 

The Professional HD Camera app is a great option for treating your photos. Especially if your cell phone is older or doesn't have many settings options. 

It has more than 10 million downloads and has a 4.4 star rating on the Google Play Store platform. With it you have:

  • Smart face detection;
  • Selfie camera performance;
  • Real-time filter / color effect;
  • HDR that enhances images captured in low light and against backlight;
  • Manual focus distance, manual ISO, manual exposure time;
  • Configurable volume keys, continuous shooting, automatic stabilization.

Considerations about taking better pictures

If you want to learn how to take better and more beautiful photos to rock social media, these tips can help you a lot. In addition, the Professional HD Camera app is also a good free option for this. Therefore try the app today and enjoy!

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