How to use bitmoji on whatsapp – Discover this app and have fun


Do you love using stickers with friends? Then find out in this article how to use bitmoji on whatsapp to share with your friends. Since its creation, the Whatsapp application has been one of the most used in the world for instant communication.

Nowadays we use whatsapp for work, school, and with friends. Recently, the stickers used in this messaging app have become extremely popular. Every day many people have fun with all kinds of stickers, many taken from already known memes.


That's why sticker creation apps also started to be successful. One of them is the bitmoji, where you create different stickers to use on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and many other messaging apps. Follow the post to learn more.

how to use bitmoji on whatsapp
how to use bitmoji on whatsapp (image taken from Google)

Bitmoji app features

O bitmoji was released on the google play store, android app store, in October 2014 by the eponymous developer Bitmoji. Every year the app undergoes updates to make it even better, the most recent in September 2021.

The app has over 100 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating. It does not take up much space on the cell phone, as its size is 35 MB depending on the device. Most people install the app to find out how to use bitmoji on whatsapp, as he became very popular for it.

How to download bitmoji app?

The application bitmoji allows you to create stickers that are different from the majority we see out there. With it you can create a cartoon-style avatar that looks like you, where you can choose skin tone, hair color and size, eyes, clothes and much more in the smallest details.

You can use the avatar you create in many ways, and one of the most fun is sharing your own stickers with friends! to learn to how to use bitmoji on whatsapp you must first download the app, check out the step by step now and see how easy it is to install the bitmoji:

  • If your device works with the iOS system, you must open the App Store application store;
  • If your device is Android, open the Google Play Store app store;
  • Enter the name in the search bar bitmoji and install the app developed by the company of the same name, Bitmoji;
  • Once opened, you can click on 'create avatar' and create an account with your email and password, after that, just start using it and create an avatar just like you. If you want, you can take a selfie and the app will use your physical characteristics.

How to use bitmoji in whatsapp?

Now that you know how to install the app bitmoji on your device, for that you just need to enable the Bitmoji keyboard on your cell phone. Just click the “Enable in Settings” button and you will be directed to enable.

After that, just go back to the settings and make the Bitmoji keyboard your main keyboard by clicking on “Select Input Method”. And that's it, now just enter any messaging application and test your available emojis.


Now you already know how to use bitmoji on whatsapp. It is a great tool to have fun with friends through messaging apps. try this app, it is free and available for iOS and Android. 

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