How to use Only you on Spotify – Learn how to use this new tool


On the 2nd of June, Wednesday, the giant Spotify, launched another incredible tool, now its more than 300 million customers will be able to enjoy an individual resource. The name of the tool is Only you, which has its literal translation “only you”.

The tool is intended to show users which would be the podcasts or artists that were most consumed by himself, in addition to being able to create a special playlist, based on this information that is organized by the new tool.


really the Spotify does not stop innovating, the company's main mission, according to the developers, is to take care of more than 300 million customers. The new tool is available in images, so it's easy to share your likes and trends on social media.

Image: (Google) Spotify

Features Spotify Only You

  • "Your pairs of artists" function: through this function, two artists will be presented, who have similarity in relation to their musical taste, however, they may be of different styles, such as "Gabriel Pensador" and "Anita", for example .
  • "Year of your song" function: would you like to know what year your favorite songs were released? With this function, Spotify takes the user on an incredible journey through time while listening to music.
  • "Your genres" function: in this case, Spotify relates to the user which genres he listens to the most on the platform.
  • "Your time of day" function: using this function, you can find out at what times you like to listen to specific artists.

Spotify birth chart

Have you ever heard of a musical astral map? This function is very interesting, as it shows the user which would be his moon, his sun, and even his ascendant, it really is amazing to have access to this information while listening to music. The watchword was really “innovation”.

Another interesting function of the Only you tool is the dinner of dreams, which aims to make the way you listen to music more interactive, in this way a special playlist is created, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 artists, for some special moment.

It is worth remembering that Spotify is a success due to its super friendly and intuitive interface, right on the first screen of the application, the term "Discover what plays" is already clearly visible, in this way the user can have access to the Only you tool quickly.

Accessing Only you

If the user does not find it on their home screen, it is possible to go another way, just click on the "search" tab, which normally the advertisement for the tool already appears, at the top of the page, if even then the tool does not appear, just type " Only you” in the search, so there’s no way you can’t find the tool.

Soon after, the user can already enjoy all the information that is shown in ”Only you”, then he can also choose all the guests to participate in the dinner in question, just clicking on add mixes to his library. Fantastic idea, isn't it?

Automatically, 3 new playlists will be placed in your library, so the user just has to like your recommended songs. Spotify always surprises its users with very interesting tools. Users approved the news.

What is the best streaming music

Currently, the biggest music streaming platform really is the giant Spotify, with approximately 344 million users, Spotify is also the most famous platform when it comes to digital platforms. Perhaps for being the pioneer in this universe.

However, there is very strong competition with other music streams such as; Dizzer, Imusic, Tidal and YouTube music are one of Spotify's main competitors. It really has a wide range of digital platform options.

All these streams are very similar when it comes to listening to music online, all these platforms have millions of songs registered and very similar plans and prices too, what differs are tools like Only you, for example. The tip is to test each one of them.

How to download the app

In case the user is not part of the 344 million current customers, and wants to have access to all the advantages that the “Spotify” streaming platform offers, just enter its virtual store of applications and download it. It's super easy to find it.

It is worth remembering that the application is available for both the iOS system and the Android system, it should also be noted that it is possible to use the application for free, however, to have access to the main tools and listen to music unlimitedly, it is necessary to I need to subscribe to a paid plan.

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