How to improve photo quality? Get to know the app and find out


If you like to take pictures with your cell phone, you've certainly thought about improve photo quality, right? With the Gcam app you can do that and much more. Social networks demand better and better photos, and cell phone technology follows this demand.

However, the price of cell phones also follows the increase in technology inserted in them, and this ends up taking prices to very high values. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to pay for a cell phone with a camera that is considered excellent.


Fortunately, there are other ways to improve the quality of your images. Therefore, if you want to post better photos, or learn how to photograph more professionally with your cell phone, but don't have the money to invest in a better one, follow this post.

improve photo quality
improve photo quality (image taken from Google)

What is this app?

The ideal app for you improve photo quality it's Gcam. It is a Google tool to increase the quality of images in addition to providing several tools that your camera may not have.

The Google Camera is a feature that already comes in Pixel line devices, the application is for cell phones that do not have it as part of the system. With this tool on your Android device you'll have much more detail, and you can improve photos and videos in a blink of an eye.

Through Gcam you can shoot and film using great features and functions. Therefore, if what you want is to increase the quality of your photos even with a not so advanced camera, it can help you a lot.

Main functions of the Gcam app

The Google Camera application, or Gcam, was developed to make life easier for those who like to take pictures, but don't have such an advanced camera. gcam is actually great for improve photo quality from any cell phone, be it older or more current.

Here are some of the functions you have available with the Google Camera app:

  • HDR+: With this tool you have exposure and white balance controls. So you capture amazing images in places with low light;
  • Best photo: The best photos, where no one is blinking, without blurring or red eyes, are automatically recommended;
  • Night vision: With the night function you don't need to use flash anymore. All the details, which would be lost in the dark, are highlighted;
  • Zoom with quality: Zoom is a useful tool, but it makes you lose a lot of pixels in the photo. With Zoom from gcam you will make your photos much clearer;
  • motion mode: Take professional-quality photos using Long Exposure and Motion Panoramic.

Features of this app to improve photo quality

Before installing Gcam first see some of its technical features. So you know in advance if this application for improve photo quality will work properly on your mobile. 

The Gcam app is one of the most complete in its category, but it is not available for download on all devices. 

It is only available for some Xiaomi, Samsung and some other Android devices. Its size varies depending on the device. It is free to download and available only on the Play Store.

How to download and use this tool?

Now you already know this app for improve photo quality, what are its functionalities and characteristics. If you want to install the tool on your cell phone, see now the step by step for this.

Open your Google Play Store app store. Type the name “Google Camera” in the search bar and install the option that appears first in the results. If you are in doubt, check the supplier, it should be like “Google LLC”. After that, just open the application and use it normally to take your best photos.

Why have this app to improve photo quality on mobile?

Having a tool on your cell phone to improve photo quality It will make your day a lot easier. You'll never rely on basic features again, and it'll take significantly less time to get the perfect shots. That's why get the app and try it.

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