Do you know how to meditate? – See a guided meditation app to help


Do you want to learn how to meditate but don't know where to start? Maybe one meditation app be a good choice for you. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, but recently it has gained a lot of attention.

In recent years, meditation and its benefits have become increasingly visible in people's lives. With the technology of applications always present in our daily lives, we couldn't miss an application that would help us in this activity as well.


That's why, in today's post, we're going to show you one of the best and most complete apps available in stores. He is mainly for you who want to start guided meditation easily and free, but still don't know where to start.

meditation app
meditation app (image taken from Google)

What is this app for?

The app in today's post is 'Serenity: Meditation, Mindfulness and Zen', it is a meditation app guided tour with various meditation and mindfulness techniques that are perfect for beginners. Its objective is to bring peace, tranquility and joy to the lives of those who practice the activity.

With him you learn to introduce meditation into your everyday life and reap the benefits it brings to your life and body. Even if you don't know the basics of this activity, you can learn through the application itself with a 7 day audio course.

The application has a beautiful interface and is very easy to use. So if you want to introduce meditation into your life, he's a great option for that. In addition, you do not need to register to use it, just download it.

What features of this meditation app?

The Serenity app is developed by the company Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps. It was launched in 2018 and is always receiving updates for improvements and new features, the most recent one being in September 2021.

The app has more than 1 million downloads and has a great rating of 4.9 stars on Google Play. Therefore, it is one of the best rated apps on the platform. Its size is 98 MB so it takes up some space on your phone, but nothing too big.

It is also available for iPhones in the App Store, where it also has a 4.9 star rating and its size is 138 MB. It requires iOS 12.0 or later for iPhones and Android 4.1 or higher.

What are the features of the Serenity app?

Like this meditation app you have several ways available to help you achieve peace and tranquility in your new lifestyle. In addition to the various meditation techniques that the app offers and the 7-day audio course.

Here are some of the main features of the Serenity app:

  • Fundamentals: You can expand your skills in the field and learn about mindfulness, self-awareness, values and goals you want to achieve;
  • sleep guides: The app offers a selection of guided meditations designed to guide you to sleep, using relaxation techniques, music and sounds. This way you will have a much more peaceful night and that will completely recharge your energies;
  • stress relief: One of the main benefits of meditation is stress relief. You will calm your anxiety with meditation and relaxation techniques to calm your mind and body;
  • quick meditations: Short sessions to practice your skills or to give you a sense of serenity and calm. So even a short meditation when you don't have much time can still help you forget the stress of your day;
  • Daily meditations: Different meditations each day to help you maintain a regular practice of this activity, and thus make it part of your routine.

How to download this meditation app?

Now that you know 'Serenity: Meditation, Mindfulness and Zen', its features and functionality, what do you think about installing this meditation app on your device?

We will explain to you in this topic how easy it is to download the app. first you need open your google play store or App Store for iPhones. Enter the name 'Serenity' in the search bar, you must install the developer app Olson Meditation and Mindfulness Apps. 

Once installed and opened, just start using it. no need to register. If you want, you can buy extra content. You can also unlock everything at once by subscribing.

Considerations about this meditation app

As meditation app Serenity you can stay motivated to start a new lifestyle with guided meditation. With it you can still create reminders, complete challenges and monitor your progress. Download the application and get started today!

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