Discover the 10 best photo montage apps


You photo montage apps, are super popular and have really been very successful among app users, perhaps because of the user-friendly interface and easy usability. In addition to ensuring fun and entertainment among people.

Not to mention that many companies end up using these applications to create special attention for some product, or even to draw attention to the brand, this has been a tool very well used by small and medium-sized companies, especially in social media.


there are several photo montage apps currently, for this very reason it is necessary to know which are the best applications in this category, that is, the ones that are most used, but well evaluated, and that deliver a final result more quickly and easily and with the desired quality.

photo montage apps
Image: (Google) Applications for photo montage

Top apps for photo montage

  • Picsart: main applications in the category, it is available for both iPhone and Android and works in a very similar way to social media. It is possible to share both your photos and the way in which you arrived at the result.
  • Photo Grid: The grid is located on your home screen, you can mount up to 9 photos or even 15 photos in collage mode.
  • Photo Editor: this application is only available for Android, the option to make the collage has already been done in a smart way, being on the first screen, right after opening the application. It allows you to choose up to 18 photos, it is also possible to choose the frame, background and apply effects.

Other photo montage apps

Today there really is a huge variety of applications in this category, but in this article we are dealing with the main and best evaluated by users in their application stores, this does not mean that there are not other interesting applications as well, we are just making the main ones available.

The ”Pic Collage” application is available for both Android and iOS, and the user can make up to three forms of collages. In the ”grids” option, the user can choose some already defined layouts, but can change both the frame and thickness.

There is also the option of "cards" which is nothing more than backgrounds with completely different themes. You can also include the calendar planning tool. In this case the limit is only 30 photos. This is one of the download champions.


And finally, let's talk about one of the main applications of this modality, "Canva". It has fantastic options to make amazing photo collages on the application's home screen, just select "photo montage" then several possibilities of themes will appear that you can choose from; art, fashion, tourism, photos, among others.

Generally, the tools offered by photo montage applications are very similar, what differs from each other is the interface, that is, the application's look and the way the tools are presented, but in general, they deliver more or less the same same results.

It is worth remembering that it is good to use an application only for your own use to model your photos only, considering that there are some people who do not like to have their image edited or even shown to other users without their authorization.

 Why Use a Montage App

The idea of photo montage applications is primarily to amuse users with funny situations or even hypothetical situations that would never be possible to be realized in real life, which is why the application has this theme of creating and encouraging imagination.

However, in addition to being able to use the application in an unpretentious way, it is also possible to make a marketing plan to draw the attention of users through unusual montages, or even with little sense, thus capturing the attention of the Internet user.

There are people who manage to make really faithful montages, and end up fooling the most lay users, like photo montages in Paris, New York, in the snow or something like that. It really is possible to make very creative and even very realistic photos.

download app

If the user is interested in any of the applications presented in this article, just access the application store accredited to his cell phone, then just type the name of the application in the search, download and install, everything is done quickly and super easily.

It is worth remembering that not all the applications shown in this article are available for both platforms, so it is necessary to check first which application is available for your cell phone. Then just have fun making your montages!

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