The best application to mirror your cell phone screen on TV – Check it out!


Do you know what the best app to mirror mobile screen to tv? That's right, you can watch it on your TV or even view your files on TV, through a cell phone mirroring application where everything on your device will appear on TV.

There are modern TVs with the "Smart" function, which already offers this possibility to users, however, there are other ways to do this, both through the famous "Chromecast", and through applications that can communicate with both Smart TVs and with Chromecast.


O best app to mirror mobile screen to tv, can be easily found, there is a wide range of applications in the accredited virtual stores of Apple and the Play Store that promise to accomplish this feat, however, there are some that do not work very well, and others that have so many ads that we can barely use them the function.

best app to mirror your phone screen on tv
Image: (Google) Best app to mirror your phone screen on TV

Find out which is the best app to mirror your phone screen on TV

One of the best-known applications to perform this function is "Mirror cast", which can share everything on your device's display to a computer or any other device. That way you can watch your videos, and view your photos directly on your TV.

In addition to this application, there are other applications that manage to do the job very well without major problems, we will know throughout this article, the main ones in the category and that can be used easily, quickly, and without bringing any inconvenience to the user.

One of the best known and best ranked applications is "Google Home" which is available for both iPhones and Androids, it makes the connection through a device called "Chromecast" in this way being able to mirror the cell phone quickly and easily through of few clicks.

The best app to mirror your phone screen on TV

Another application that is very interesting, and that works very well, is "Chrome Remote Desktop", nothing more than an application in which it is possible to operate your desktop completely remotely, in this way the user can access the your computer through a cell phone even if you are not in the same place.

Another very interesting and well-known application is "Remote Desktop" by Microsoft, it is also available for Mac, iPhone and Android, and also allows you to access any Windows computer using your cell phone, as well as the last mentioned application.

Have you ever heard of ”TeamViewer”? One of the most complete mirroring applications that remotely controls computers that have different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android or Chrome. Through it you can have complete access to your computer, its differential is to control desktops and control other cell phones as well.

Other popular apps

  • Vnc Viewer: this is a completely free software for remote access to the computer, for this you just need to install ”Vnc Connect' on your computer which can be accessed remotely, so the tip is to leave it installed on your computer, and in case you need to access it remotely, everything will be done quickly and easily.
  • ApowerMirror: this is an application designed for Android and iPhones, it is also a software that allows the user to completely mirror the screen of their device on a Mac or PC, for that, all they need is to have the program installed on their computer.

Is it worth installing an application to mirror the screen

Well, you really need to look at it from two different angles, if you have one of the most modern Smart TVs, you really don't need any of that, as it already comes with a mirroring feature on your cell phone, but there are other options today as well.

If you do not have a Smart TV, and have purchased the Google Chromecast device that transforms your regular TV into a Smart TV, you can also completely mirror your device through the Google Home application without major problems.

Now, if the user wants to control his computer remotely through software or applications, there are the options mentioned here in this article to be able to do this super calmly without major problems. Long live modernity.

Smart TV or Chromecast

This is a very interesting question among Brazilian users, bearing in mind that our purchasing power is much lower than that of Europeans and Americans, for example, which is why we always want to find a way to save money, that is, discover the best way to have the same resource with less money.

That's why Chromecast is a sales success, especially in Brazil, where purchasing power is low, and that's why many users opted to use Chromecast, because it's a cheaper option and it works very well. Just be careful with counterfeit devices.

Now if the user has a greater purchasing power, just buy a TV with the latest generation smart feature, with the cell phone also in the same standard that communication will be super quiet and super easy to do. For more information and tips on current technology, visit our apps category. Good luck!