4 Apps to organize goals in 2022 – Start the year off right!


What to start the year off right? For this it is important to have a good app to organize goals and fulfill all your goals. End-of-the-year lists are common, but few people manage to stick to what they've planned, either because of forgetfulness, laziness, or just lack of organization.

Many people think of the beginning of the year as a new chance to do everything they want. With the constant use of smartphones, applications have gained special attention. Therefore, many of the day-to-day tasks are carried out through them. 


Therefore, if you want to meet your goals, follow your evolution and have everything in the palm of your hand, follow this post. Because in it we will present you 4 applications to organize goals and give more attention to its activities, all free, see more below!

organize goals
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Trello is an app that will help you to organize goals, create and manage projects, and much more. Through it you can create a planner and organize your professional tasks, studies and even simpler things, like shopping lists.

Using Trello is very easy, the app has a very intuitive, simple and organized interface, where you can create cards with different subjects. On each board you create, you can add information about your new goal, ID tags, reminders, due date, and more, such as:

  • • Use boards individually or invite colleagues to use with you;
  • • Add checklists to cards;
  • • Assign tasks to yourself and others;
  • • Comment on items with other colleagues;
  • • Attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox;
  • • You can upload photos and videos;
  • • Work offline as boards sync when you log back in;

Trello is completely free and available for Android and iOS, in addition to having a web version and desktop application. It has over 10 million downloads, a 4.3 star rating, and its size varies by device.

Google Calendar:

Most people use Google Calendar just to see what day it is, but this smart calendar can do so much more for you. This app allows you organize goals long-term future futures, personal, study and professional commitments.

In addition, it is possible to synchronize the app with your work email, which greatly facilitates communication between people on your team. With Google Calendar you can set up a meeting, select participants, and even send an attendance confirmation email to each person.

Access is completely free and only a gmail is required. See some of its features:

  • You can quickly switch between “Month”, “Week” and “Day”;
  • Flight information, hotels, shows, restaurant reservations are added automatically;
  • You can create, manage and view your tasks and events;
  • The app is compatible with all calendars on your cell phone;


The Todoist app is one of the most complete in its category. With it you organize each stage of a project in a list format. This way you gain more agility in planning activities. 

You can even divide the tasks by the priority level of each one. That way you can carry out each one and deliver according to your urgency. This app for organize goals It is ideal for anyone starting a new task at work or school.

The app has several free features, but you can also opt for the Pro or Business versions for $3.00 and $5.00 respectively. Currently, the tool has 10 million downloads and a 4.7 star rating on the Play Store. 


If you spend a lot of time distracted or busy and can't tell how much time you dedicate to each task, the Forest app is ideal. Through it you can stay focused longer on each thing you want to do and thus increase your productivity.

The main objective of this app organize goals is to keep you away from your cell phone for as long as possible, distracting yourself with other matters when you need to focus on an activity. In addition, the interface of the Forest app is very beautiful, with each goal you meet, a tree is planted in the virtual garden.

This helps control your focus, as the time it took you to complete each activity is recorded. If you get distracted by other apps, your tree will wither. The tool is free only for Android users, those using iOS devices must pay. 

Another positive point of Forest is that for every tree planted in the app, a real tree is also planted.

Why have an app to organize goals?

Having plans to have a healthier diet, exercise, have projects at work or study for a contest are difficult to carry out as they require a lot of organization. With everyday problems you can end up forgetting and getting lost in projects.

That's why, choose one of the apps from the list and start organize goals today. If you liked this article, visit the Applications category on the Decorama website and find similar ones.

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