Globoplay Launches – See what’s coming to the platform in May


You Globoplay releases don't stop! That's right, one of the fastest growing platforms in Brazil, it doesn't stop innovating, especially in the month of May, the platform will launch surprising titles, both movies, as well as new episodes and seasons of the series most acclaimed by the general public.

Really worth checking out, especially those passionate about the world of streaming. The launches are exclusive, and some series are also original, that is, they can only be watched on the platform in question, competition in this market niche has really favored the final viewer.


Being able to watch the Globoplay releases, for a super special subscription price and still have access to all the content on the platform, be it old shows or even watch current shows like ”No Limite” and be able to have access to the main Brazilian series produced especially for the platform, it really is all the best!

Globoplay releases
Image: (Google) Globoplay launches

Main launches Globoplay

The platform announced that now in the month of May, new films and series will be released, among them the series "How I Met Your Mother", which has been a success since 2005, from now on all seasons will be available. made available and released to platform subscribers.

 Some exclusive attractions will be available, among them; Brave New World, a super production inspired by a fiction book. Another important release is departure the investigation not to mention that the second season of the discovery of witches will also be available.

Speaking now of original series, and totally unpublished ones, the releases will also be very interesting such as; “Where is my heart”, this series tells the story of a very young doctor who ends up entering the world of narcotics in an incredible way. Another interesting series is “Caso Evandro”, which deals with the investigation of a crime committed against a 6-year-old child.

Globoplay Releases – Novelas and Series

  • Women in love: the soap opera will be fully available on the platform in its entirety, it is worth remembering that it was a great success in 2003.
  • Sassaricando: who doesn't remember this delicious soap opera, which was shown in 1987, this pearl of Brazilian TV will also be fully available.
  • Mothers love and life: this is a series that was included in honor of mothers, the series takes place in the pediatric hospital where children and patients share their emotional and family experiences.
  • Glee: the platform will make available six seasons in full of this great musical series that is really a success

Globoplay Advantages

Users of the Globoplay package, also entitled to live channels, will also be able to follow various premieres on channels such as Globosat, for example. It is also possible to follow exclusive content on the Multishow channel. It really is a lot of content.

Productions such as the series; "If you survive case" will have a new season from the 5th of May, while the Viva channel will make available the entire first season of the first version of Big Brother Brasil from the year 2002, all of which will be included in the platform's grid from the May 11th.

Globoplay is really one of the most interesting platforms when it comes to content from Brazilian productions, because in addition to the legendary soap operas such as "Roque Santeiro" and "O salvador da patria", for example, the platform has original Brazilian series that are incredible also.

Globoplay vs Netflix

This is a giant fight, as they are two of the biggest streaming channels today, however, each one has its particularities and characteristics that are very peculiar, so it depends a lot on the user's profile to be able to make the right choice when it comes to streaming. choose your favorite app.

For users who like a lot of foreign content, that is, original foreign series, or even have access to exclusive releases such as the seasons of "Star Trek", or even follow the biggest releases in the film market, the Netflix platform is really an option. sensational to choose from.

Now, for users who like to consume more national content, that is, soap operas, series and successful miniseries, or still have a special passion for old soap operas, or like to watch live sports content through the platform, without a doubt, the best choice would be the Globoplay platform.

How to download the app

For users who want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by the Globoplay platform through the application, just enter your accredited application store, that is, the "Play Store" for devices that use the Android system, and locate the application, download and install it. .

For users who use mobile devices with the iOS system, that is, iPhones, it is necessary to enter the accredited application store, in this case the store is the "Apple Store", then just download the application, install it and in a few clicks you will be able to have access to the contents.

For more information about apps or to find out about the latest news about movies and series, visit our apps category. Good luck!