See how you can earn money reading news


Did you know it's possible make money reading news? Sounds too good to be true, but there really is an app that accomplishes this feat. The ”Cashzine” application is an application for interacting with friends, which has an interesting footprint related to lifestyle.

It is an application that ends up generating a buzz every day, so this buzz ends up involving several friends. It's more or less a digital gossip, that is, an application that combines entertainment with technology and a bit of gossip in addition to showing some everyday tricks.

And the best is possible make money reading news, bearing in mind that many people have the habit of reading, nothing better than being able to earn extra money with this activity, because you will be doing something you like and, at the same time, managing to earn some money.

make money reading news
Image: (Google) Make money reading news

Learn how to make money reading news

  • The application has a very advanced artificial intelligence, and ends up delivering content that really has to do with the reader in question. All of this is based on the reader's preferences, which makes the task much easier, because can you imagine reading what you like and still earning money?
  • It is worth remembering that in order to benefit readers who use it assiduously, the application offers some virtual currencies created by itself, that is, the more immersed in the application and the more quality content the user reads, the more coins he will receive.
  • There is also an option called "invitation subsidy", in this way ordinary users or even influencers will be able to get more coins directly from the application just by inviting more friends to discover the platform. Worth showing your friends!

Earn money by reading news daily

If the application user is really engaged in earning extra money through the application, he just needs to do his daily readings, and encourage his friends who accepted his invitation to also use the application on a daily basis, reading more and more.


This is definitely the best strategy for anyone who really wants to earn money on the app. It works as follows; the application will always suggest texts for you to read, according to your taste. With each text read you accumulate virtual coins.

Likewise, your friends who were invited through your ”invitation subsidy”, will have the same results when they also read the texts, however, you receive a residual referring to all the invited friends who are using the application daily.

How to withdraw money

Withdrawals can be made daily, these virtual currencies are inside the platform, that is, in the application. The ways to make withdrawals vary from ”PayPal” to ”Dana” and there are also other ways to withdraw through other electronic wallets or even completely personal accounts.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary to consult the application to know from what value the user can carry out the withdrawal. It really is an extraordinary idea, every day the developers are surprising us more, so it's good to be aware of the news.

However, even though you can earn money through this application, it is good to remember that no one will get rich reading news all day, the values for each reading are very low, and the user will have to use the application a lot and read a lot of news, in addition to invite many friends to have an interesting supplementary income.

Be careful not to get banned

It is important to know all the policy and also all the terms of the application, to avoid having the account completely banned, for this very reason, the smartest users, who want to defraud the system, for example, using a "VPN", of course, account will be banned.

There is no point in the user trying to put several accounts on the Smartphone, or even trying to make virtual registrations through false numbers, or even using other people's software, maliciously trying to obtain more coins through the application.

It is worth remembering that the initial idea of the application is not to make anyone rich, but to reward readers with a good habit and who are more engaged with the application. That's why you need to be aware of all the terms and the entire policy of the Cashzine application

How to download the app

If you want to try to earn some extra money through the Cashzine app, just go to your app store and type the term in the "Cashzine" search, then just download and install the app, everything is very intuitive and you'll be using it in no time. the application.

It is worth remembering that it is available for Android and IOS platforms, so all smartphone users will be able to use the application in question, beware of similar applications, as there is a wide range within this niche market.

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