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An app text corrector, can help people a lot with their tasks, in order to have perfect writing through cell phones, the vast majority of applications are available for both iOS and Android systems. It's worth knowing the options.

With these applications, it is possible to correct spelling, or even suggest better terms, for the context in which you are writing, not to mention that many people work as text reviewers, or even as article writers. In this case, this tool is essential.


In these cases, a good text corrector, can make a tremendous difference, as in addition to streamlining the work of editors, they can optimize time when revising. Let's see in this article which are the best brokers, and the best rated by users.

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Image; (Google) Text Corrector

Gboard – Text Corrector

This application is very interesting, because everything that comes from the giant "Google" is really impressive. It has interesting functions that go far beyond just correcting a text. Through this application, the user will be able to access resources such as typing through voice, in addition to being able to translate sentences.

To start using the app, you'll need to enable permissions in your device's settings. In newer versions of Android, ”Gboard”, becomes your default keyboard, it is also possible to adjust some settings such as language or correction level.

There is also the option to block phrases that bring negative content or offenses, such as profanity, or something like that, that way, just activate the automatic correction feature, and the application, in addition to correcting spelling, can detect offensive terms.

Current Text Checker – SwiftKey

This application was considered one of the most efficient in its niche, to start using its features, it's super easy, just enable your keyboard in your smartphone's settings. You can also do this directly from the app. Everything is very intuitive.


If the person logs in, an automatic synchronization is made, mainly of terms and words, and can be used on all their devices. In this way, all your settings are valid for any device, as long as the user logs in.

It is also possible to add multiple simultaneous languages on your keyboard, so you will receive recommendations in the configured languages. The word and term suggestions made by this app are very relevant and accurate. It is also possible to transcribe texts by voice.

Other apps

  • Language Tools: the features of this application are really interesting, unlike ”Gboard” and ”SwiftKey”, this application has the ability to correct even sentences, suggesting some words with suitable synonyms or even terms to soften the tone of the message in question . It is worth noting that to have access to all functions, you have to pay.
  • Ginger: Ginger is an application that works like a keyboard, and is available for both iOS and Android systems, to access it, just activate the keyboard, everything is done super simple, from the first screen it is possible to make these settings, before you need to download the app.
  • Typewise: This is one of the best apps on the market, and it's also available for both Android and iOS, its great advantage is that it also works offline, the app also works in multiple languages simultaneously.

Utilities of applications that correct texts

The main use, as the name of this subtitle suggests, is correcting text, however, the vast majority of applications in this category offer more features than just spelling correction. They go far beyond this simple task.

There are applications that correct in several languages simultaneously, in addition to correcting sentences, and even suggesting better terms when finishing your message, that is, giving better tones to conversations. Never imagined these functions in text correctors, which would work so well.

Another interesting function is the transcription of text through voice command, as this helps a lot people who have physical disabilities in their hands, for example, and to type you need to use your own voice. Everything is very accurate, both the writing and the scores.

How to download spell checker apps

If you are interested in having access to all the resources of text correction applications, just go to your accredited virtual store and download the applications suggested in this article. In the case of mobile devices that use the Android system, just do this search in the "Play Store" store.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of text correction applications are available for both Android and iOS. In that case, you need to go to Apple's accredited application store, the Apple Store.

For more information and also application tips, visit apps category. Good luck!