Do you want to track your children's cell phone for more security? Discover this app!


If your kids have a smartphone and you want a way to find them, know that track the cell phone one of them might be a good option. Nowadays cell phones are extremely popular, and many people end up using them, even children.

This, however, can be a little dangerous, so it requires good parental control, as the internet has a very vast content. You can find both good stuff and some bad or suspicious content.


Therefore, depending on the age at which your child gets a device, it is very important for parents to have a sense of what the child accesses. Also, it's always good to know where he is if he gets separated from the family for some reason. Follow today's article and discover an ideal app for this.


track the cell phone
track the cell phone (image taken from Google)

How does this mobile tracking app work?

Anyone with children knows that safety is an important issue. Cell phones are already very popular devices and it is not difficult to find a child using them. If you intend to gift your child one, know that control is necessary and that includes its location. 


For this, the Find My Kids application was developed. It is a tool that allows track the cell phone of children whenever necessary, which prioritizes their safety and parental control of those responsible. 


It is a free and super easy to use tool, and the installation can be done on your child's cell phone or smart watch. The app was created mainly to reassure parents when their children don't answer calls or respond to messages.

What does the Find My Kids app offer to the user?

The app for find my kids cell phone tracking is one of the most popular tools in its category and is ranked second in the list of free parenting apps on Google Play.


This happens mainly because it is a tool full of resources so that the user's navigation is the best possible. Check out the main features of this app below:


  • GPS tracker: You see your child's location and history and can make sure he hasn't been in dangerous places;

  • sounds around: It is possible to listen to what is happening around the child and know if he is in good company;

  • high signal: You can send a loud signal to your kid's phone even if it is in silent mode;

  • monitor usage: Find out if your child uses apps during class or other important times;

  • ensure security: You are notified when your child arrives at school, home or other locations;

  • battery control: You can remind your child to charge the device. Through the app you receive a notification when its battery is running low;

  • Chat: You talk to your child using fun and exclusive stickers;

What are the systemic characteristics of this tool?

If you have questions about Find My Kids, don't worry. In this topic you will see the main technical characteristics of this app for track cell phone. This way you can identify if it will work on your smartphone.


This app is #2 on Google Play's list of top free parenting apps. It was released in June 2015 and currently has over 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.7.


Find My Kids download is only 69MB, so it doesn't take up much storage. Your device must have Android 7.0 or higher for the app to work properly. The download can be carried out by Google Play and also by the App Store for iOS.

How to download this app to track cell phone?

If you are interested in the Find My Kids app and believe that the features it offers can be useful for you and your family, please know that downloading it to your cell phone is very simple. Follow the step by step that we created below to download this app from track the cell phone:


  • Before starting, check in the settings if your device is connected to the internet;

  • Access the Google Play or App Store app store on the child's cell phone and search for “Find My Kids” in the search bar;

  • Install the application offered by “GEO TRACK TECHNOLOGIES INCi”;

  • Open the app, create your account with email and password and that's it! After that, you can start using it normally.

Considerations for the Find My Kids app

If you need a tool to track the cell phone of your young children and have more security, Find My Kids is one of the best options available. In addition to being free, it is also super easy to use. Therefore visit your app store and try it!


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