Transport app – What it is, how it works and how to download 99


One transportation application it's almost an essential service nowadays. Many people over the past ten years have become accustomed to private transport services through apps.

This is due to several factors, including comfort and practicality. When we use public transport, such as the bus, it passes through so many places that even knowing where we are going, we can still get lost.


With transport apps this does not happen, and for this and other reasons they have become very popular and extremely used. However, in recent months, several people have been dissatisfied with the service they are used to. Therefore, in today's post we will present you with an alternative.

transportation application
transportation application (image taken from Google)

What is the 99 App?

The 99 is a transportation application free service that works with private car and taxi. It is ideal for those who are always using a car app, but who also need to save money, since their prices are average, and the first ride usually comes with a discount.

With 99 Passageiros you have a lot of security, with tools designed for the passenger. You can, for example, consult the safety assistant by accessing driver information before the call, in addition to other features such as informing the app of abnormal behavior before or after the race.

99 is always improving its quality and safety, so you can have peace of mind on your trips. Therefore, it can be a good alternative if you want to know and try other private car apps.

Features of this transport app

If you are interested in the app and want to know if it works correctly on your mobile device, pay attention to this topic, as we are going to explain in a simple way some features of the 99 App.

The 99 App was launched almost 10 years ago on the Google Play platform, in 2012. However, it is always receiving updates of improvements and corrections, the most recent one in September 2021. It has more than 50 million downloads and a 4.2 star rating .

Its size varies by device, but is usually around 80 MB. Today he is the transportation application #1 on the Play Store list of free maps and navigation apps. It is also available for iOS devices on the App Store.

What does the 99 app offer me?

O transportation application da 99 is complete and has a simple to use interface. Right at the start, you have available car options and prices to compare. They are with a POP private car which is generally the cheapest, 99 Confort for larger cars or taxi. 

It offers several different features to make your day to day easier, such as 99 Pay. 99 PAY is 99's digital wallet, with which you can pay bills at a discount, or if you want, you can also pay with a credit card. So, check out what you can do with 99 Pay:

  • Instant recharges on your cell phone;
  • Transfers from your 99 PAY to a bank account, and you still have change in your digital wallet. 
  • Your balance generates profits: It's 220% from the CDI and you don't have to do anything, your balance multiplies automatically.

To have access to exclusive advantages and discounts, you must complete your registration, in the 99 PAY tab of transportation application 99. Above all, you still have a portfolio of discount coupons and promotions available to pay cheaper.

How to download this transport app?

Now that you know how the app works, what it offers and what its main features are, how about installing it to see how it works? In the following topic we will explain step by step how to download the 99 app.

first you need access your Android app store, the Google Play Store. In the search bar type the name 99, you must install the app developed by the company 99 Tecnologia LTDA. 

Once installed, just open your app normally. It will ask for permission to access the location of your device and manage calls and from there just create your registration with phone number and password or email.


If you've never used one transportation application 99 app can be a good place to start. If you already use one, you can also test the 99 if you want to check different prices and benefits. try the app and find out which one is best for you.

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