WhatsApp on 4 different devices – Here's how to set it up


This is the big news of Whatsapp, says the seo ”Will Cathcart”, being able to connect the same account, in up to four different devices, this is really great news, because many times we are limited to only one device. This is an important change.

It is worth remembering that currently, it is only possible to connect your WhatsApp account to only one device. Since the only way for you to use it on another device would be through ”WhatsApp web”, however, the smartphone must be connected to the network.

However, the Whatsapp also announced that this version for computers will also undergo changes. In the future, users will no longer have to keep their smartphones turned on in order to use the WhatsApp web tool. This is excellent news!

Image: (Google) WhatsApp

WhatsApp future changes

The mega businessman of the virtual world "Mark Zuckerberg", also seo of the company itself Facebook, pointed out that the messaging application will undergo other modifications, such as, for example, messages that are destroyed shortly after being viewed.


It is worth remembering that this feature is already available by its main competitor, "Telegram", in many cases these self-destructing messages are very useful, especially for people who work in markets where secrecy is the soul of the business.

”Mark Zuckerberg” also let out another novelty that will be very interesting, called “ephemeral mode” this tool allows users to maintain a conversation in a normal way, however, after a period of time, these messages will be completely destroyed.

WhatsApp Business – Chats

During the mega event promoted by Facebook called "F8 Rfresh", which is an event entirely aimed at developers, it was announced that possible changes in the "Api", of the "WhatsApp Business" messenger, could be made to facilitate its use. of the system.

It is worth remembering that the "Api" of the "Messenger" of "Facebook", was created and launched in 2016, with the aim of integrating it with platforms such as "Chatbots", "Logistics control systems", or even other software management. The idea was to leverage the tool to the maximum.

However, this form of integration, involving WhatsApp Business with these systems, is not something so simple to do, since the new update promises these features in 5 minutes, there will still be changes in usability, making the entire system simpler and easier .

whatsapp vs telegram 

It really is a very tight fight, despite WhatsApp remaining the isolated leader in this category, Telegram has been growing and standing out with each passing year, precisely because they offer free tools that WhatsApp does not.

On Telegram, for example, it is possible to send the same message to thousands of people at once, a feature that WhatsApp does not offer for free, perhaps the main reason Telegram has grown so much is the sale of courses. Where it was widely used and circulated.

The vast majority of people who sell courses on the internet use Telegram, precisely because it is easier to communicate with more people simultaneously, and for free. The trend that it keeps growing with each passing year.

Business Version vs Standard Version

This is another relevant issue, as WhatsApp has its version for companies, that is, "WhatsApp Business", and also has its normal version for ordinary users, however, there are considerable differences between these two versions.

Despite WhatsApp Business offering incredible tools that are paid for, some users prefer to continue using WhatsApp in its normal version, even when it comes to business, in fact, many users are not even aware of WhatsApp Business and its features.

The tip is to get to know the professional tool better, as it offers integration with other social media, as well as making it easier to send messages to a larger number of people simultaneously. It is practically impossible to live without a courier.

How to download Messenger apps

If the user is interested in downloading a messaging application, be it "WhatsApp" or "Telegram", just go to its virtual application store, and search for these applications, everything is very fast and very easy to do. . Besides being super easy.

It is worth noting that both WhatsApp and Telegram are available for "Android" and "IOS" systems, in which case, just download the application, install it and in a few clicks you will be able to use all the features for free. It is very simple to perform this task.

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