Whatsapp Pay – How to make payments through the application?


You know whatsapp pay? The central bank has just authorized the application to make payments! This really is a great novelty for the most used messenger in the world, because currently, those who do not have WhatsApp are literally out of the world or the market.

In this article, we're going to show you how this payment mechanism works through WhatsApp, we're going to show you its main features, and how to do everything right through WhatsApp Pay, because in addition to being very fast, it's super safe, guarantee the developers.


whatsapp pay, is yet another way to make payments quickly and securely over the internet, given that in recent years there have really been numerous digital financial institutions, and ways to send or receive money online, such as PayPal, and more recently with Pix .

whatsapp pay
Image: (Google) Whatsapp Pay

Curiosities about WhatsApp Pay

Many people have already heard about this tool, but last year, the request made to the Central Bank was denied, because the bank thought that there were still too many risks for users, however, nine months later, the Central Bank authorized the use of the tool to make payments.

This is exactly why you need to understand exactly how WhatsApp Pay works, so as not to be caught by surprise, or even use this tool correctly, as the ideal is to know it well in order to be able to use all the functions that the tool offers. .

Through WhatsApp Pay, the user will be able to receive amounts through the application, without having to open any other digital financial institution application, or any bank, this does not mean that the application is becoming a bank, but it is entering strongly in this market for receipts and payments online.

WhatsApp working

It is worth remembering that this is not a new financial institution, but a mediator, that is, an intermediary that works between you and your preferred financial institution. Soon after the user registers the credit or debit card, he can make any payments, whether in bars, cinemas or stores through this feature.

After its launch, that is, after the release of the Central Bank, the tool already has some banks that worked in partnership, such as "Sicredi", "Banco do Brasil", "Nubank", "Woop", it is worth mentioning, which are banks that work with the “Mastercard” and “Visa” flags.

Initially, the use of the credit card can only be done in case of payments to companies, that is, for users who have "Facebook Pay" and "WhatsApp business", and that it is properly configured to receive amounts. It really is well thought out.

WhatsApp setup

An important piece of information is that the tool will initially work together with ”Facebook Pay”, It is worth remembering that Facebook now owns WhatsApp. Exactly why many WhatsApp functions are related to Facebook.

In this way, it is enough for the user to register his credit or debit card, the Facebook payment platform, Facebook has, once everything is right with Facebook, naturally it will already be working for Whatsapp too. It is worth remembering that this free tool.

Regarding security, the WhatsApp Pay developers guarantee that this new tool will be extremely safe, as all card data and financial transactions will be fully protected by an encryption that is virtually impossible to break.

 Release date of

  • The company has not yet announced the date for the launch of WhatsApp Pay, but it has disclosed that it is in the last phase of the process for the tool to be launched in Brazil, in this way, in a short time, Brazilian users will be able to send and receive money without having to pay any fees. that's why.
  • Certainly, the financial transaction made through WhatsApp Pay will be something very relevant, considering the huge number of users who use WhatsApp, it will be much more practical to talk directly with customers and customers can already make the payment within the WhatsApp itself.
  • The idea is for the service to work more or less like Pix, quickly, free of charge and completely secure, the idea is to keep the user inside WhatsApp, without having to open any other app to make their payments, this will certainly impact the number of small business sales.

 WhatsApp or Pix

Users will really have good options when sending and receiving money, through Pix for example, it is possible to send money practically instantly throughout Brazil without having to pay any fee for it. That's really cool.

It is worth remembering that Pix has a high limit on daily transfers, which can reach up to r$ 20,000 per day, this tool is really revolutionizing the digital financial market, and WhatsApp Pay will work in more or less the same way, everything is fast, easy and free.

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