God of War 2021 – Learn More About Launch


Definitely fans of God of War. They are waiting anxiously for the release of the new version of the game. The company “Sony”, developer of the game, confirms that the launch was unfortunately postponed to the year 2022. However, it has special news for the year 2021.

This news was received at a press conference, where the head "Herman Hulst" of "Playstation Studios", answered questions related to the postponement of the release of "God of War". The main reason for the postponement would be the importance of launching another title, "Horizon Forbidden West".


That's why God of War, had its development a little delayed, which is why this important decision was made to focus on "God of Wars" only in 2022. Everything was just a matter of focus, it is necessary to give full focus at this moment on "Horizon Forbidden West".

God of War
Image: (Google) God of War

Behind the scenes of the release of God of War

In the social media of the studio "Santa Mônica", being responsible for the development of the game, the developers thank the fans, for the number of positive comments given in the "teaser" of the game, however, they argue that it is necessary to develop the game in a fantastic way, however, without jeopardizing the well-being and safety of the team.

The developers still argue that they remain focused on delivering a game of the highest quality, while maintaining both the well-being and safety of developers and partners as well as their families. It really is a nice initiative to see.

Game fans around the world can't imagine how time-consuming and difficult it is to create a high-quality game nowadays, it really is a lot of work and a lot of people involved, that's why it's necessary to focus one at a time so that the games meet the needs players' expectations.

God of War PlayStation 4

Amid so much discouraging news, there is some good news too, as the team has just confirmed that "God of War Ragnarok", will also be available for the "PlayStation 4", as well as the great success "Gran Turismo 7" in addition to the game expected this year's “Horizon Forbidden West”.

The developers also highlighted that whenever it made sense to create a game for consoles of the previous generation and the new ones, they will do it, because the idea is to satisfy the fans in addition to making money of course. Respect for the millions of Playstation 4 users is a good sign.

Imagine that a company builds a customer base close to 110 million people, you can't just let these customers "see ships" launching games only for the latest generation consoles, that's why there is this concern with PlayStation 4 owners .

Horizon Forbidden West 2021

"Sony" recently released an excerpt of the game at an event, however, the vast majority of fans were disappointed, because, at the end of the video, there would be no indication of the release date, despite the company having pronounced that it would be on year 2021.

If possible, the head of ”Playstation Studios”, said he would confirm the date as soon as he can, because the game is in full development, but the idea is that it will actually be released in 2021. It will take a little patience on your part. of the players.

"Host" head of the "Playstation" studios still talks a little about new games, like "Days Gone", which has highly complex systems, but it is not a real continuation of the zombie games, it will really be another success of the company, because everything is studied a lot before creating, developing and launching.

Why does a game take so long to develop?

This is an interesting subject, because for players who receive the games in their homes, or even manage to access them online, it seems that everything is done by magic, however, that is not quite how things happen.

To develop a game, it really takes a lot of time, many specialized people, in addition to an infinity of meetings and complex agendas that ordinary users do not even imagine happening. Creating next-generation games is literally a task force.

Firstly, it is necessary to bring up the research, that is, to understand whether the game is viable or not, whether it is a novelty or a continuation, after that several meetings are held and small prototypes are developed to be tested, in order to see the gameplay of the game. same. Anyway, it's really something super complex, you don't make a good game overnight.

Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5

This is also a very intriguing issue, as there is no consensus on this issue, some players point out that due to the high price of the ”Playstation 5”, and the smaller number of games, it is still advantageous to buy a PlayStation 4, exactly because of the difference in price.

It is worth remembering that some games that are released for the "PlayStation 5", are also available for the "PlayStation 4", another important detail is that the number of games in the previous version is much greater, but there are games for the "PlayStation 5" which are fantastic and which are not available for ”PlayStation 4”.

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