Resident Evil Village – New screenshots and indicative game rating


Who already had access to scenes of the new game Resident Evil Village, you know that it's a totally immersive game in addition to being super real, with scenes and battles that will terrify even the bravest adults, which is why it's important to see the indicative rating of the game, because it's not for everyone.

The game's images are super realistic, it's a horror game, the images are strong not to mention that the soundtrack manages to leave the player completely inside the game, that's why it's not suitable for a very young age group. The game is really violent!

those in love with Resident Evil Village guarantee that despite the game being quite heavy, everything is in the field of fantasy, that is, everything happens only in the game, and right after you finish playing, life goes on as usual, but users like children can be impressed by the game.

Resident Evil Village
Image: (Google) Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village launch

Really the fans of the game expected a bigger disclosure, because the only thing that has so far are 3 measly images, and a small sample of the development of the game, made by its producer Peter Fabiano. Developers are kidding


However, the launch cannot be too far from happening, considering that the game already has an age rating, which is why it implies that the game is being fully finalized and that it will be released soon worldwide. .

It really was a small disclosure, which showed 3 screenshots. In some scenes of the game it is possible to see the werewolves, and also the infected that are in the place in question. It is also possible to see some ruins of the village where the protagonist of the game is, with really incredible creatures.

Resident Evil Village Franchise

According to the game's producer, Fabiano, Resident Evil Village is a combination of all that is good and all that has happened to the best of the game during its incredible 25 years since the launch of the first edition. There really are fans already getting old right?

The game continues with chilling horror scenes, as well as great mysteries to be solved. What's more, the company "Capcom" may be using brand new technologies to give more realism to the graphics and at the same time increase the immersion of the game.

It is worth remembering that the protagonist Ethan Witters, is back in the game, he is completely isolated in a village in Europe. Abruptly, he finds himself attacked by other characters in the series, such as “Chris Redfield”. The game seems to be really cool.

Game rating

  • In Brazil, the game is only recommended for over 18s, because of many violent elements such as extraordinary mutilations, with a lot of suffering, in addition to many scenes of corpses, this new version was really horrifying.
  • Of course, players who already know the Resident Evil series would expect nothing less than that, however, really the game for minors really can cause serious trauma or even not very nice impressions.
  • It is also worth remembering that the game was registered for both the Xbox, PlayStation 5, and is also released for computers, according to the company producing the game ”Capcom”.

Horror movie games can influence real life

This is a very common issue in the cinema and also in the world of games, because the realism that is brought to the public today is really impressive, and often our brain does not know how to differentiate what is real from fantasy.

Producers generally defend that everything is a fiction, that the moment the film is finished or the video game is turned off, life returns to normal, however, some researchers argue that minds are not the same, and that people do not absorb content in the same way.

A person can play and watch movies for a lifetime without major problems, but it can trigger mental triggers in people who were prone to carrying out massacres, for example, it is worth remembering that there could also be other triggers in other ways.

When will it be launched

It really is a question that doesn't want to shut up, because fans of the game are really looking forward to the release date of the game, whether for Xbox, Playstation 5 or even for computers. The vast majority of fans already think it's past time for the company to increase disclosure by showing more details in addition to disclosing the official release date.

The fact is that fans can't wait any longer, but this is a fantastic marketing strategy done impeccably by "Capcom" the company that owns the rights to the Resident Evil games and series. The tip is to stay connected to the manufacturer's website to know exactly everything that is happening regarding the launch of Resident Evil Village.

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