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One of the most anticipated games is the ”Resident Evil Village”, which was recently released last Friday, May 7th, the game was made available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox series X/S, and Xbox One, in addition to being available for PC.

The suggested price for consoles is r$ 249.00, for computers the value would be r$ 239.00. The game is in its eighth chapter of the super horror franchise from the giant game company "Capcom". The company was already under pressure to launch a new chapter.


Resident Evil Village will be fully dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese, Brazilians are grateful, because the game is a success all over the world and is especially expected by Brazilian fans, considering that the game market in Brazil is one of the largest in the world.

Resident Evil Village
Image: (Google) Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village storyline

After going through a great nightmare, in the family home "Baker", the hero successfully rescues his beloved wife "Mia", this in the previous game. The character "Ethan", was leading a very peaceful life in a quiet village in the wilds of Europe.

The Hero's life, however, ends up being overturned after receiving a visit from "Chris Redfield", who is certainly one of the most acclaimed protagonists of the series. What happens is that "Cris" ends up murdering "Mia" for no apparent reason and in cold blood, and also ends up kidnapping "Ethan's" daughter.

Very terrifying events end up haunting all the residents of the village, it is worth remembering that the village has always been protected by a spirit that went by the name of "Mãe Miranda", but the village has now been taken over by werewolves and other horrible creatures, so it is possible to imagine the difficulty for the protagonist to overcome his challenges.

Resident Evil Village gameplay

As with Chapter 7 of the game, the game comes with a first-person perspective, which caused a bit of controversy among fans of the game. When the new game was created, the intention was to bring terror closer to the player, and so it was done, and it really managed to have this effect.

Capcom wanted the game to be even more memorable than its predecessors, hence the choice of first-person perspective. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it and spending some time playing to get the hang of it. The immersion format itself will make these controversies disappear.

Although it looks a lot like the shooting games that exist on the market today, the details make all the difference, as the realism is really scary. Inventory management, for example, has been maintained, puzzles have also been maintained and also the use of items such as keys, for example, to open new doors to enter new scenarios.

game features

  • This new version allows the use of melee weapons such as a knife.
  • It is also possible to use firearms that can be conquered and improved throughout the phases.
  • Now the game has an exclusive defense button, that is, the protagonist can defend himself throughout the game by pressing just one button.
  • This is definitely the most immersive version of the Game "Resident Evil", this new version really got very scary and terrifying.
  • Available for PlayStation 4 and 5 in addition to Xbox and PC.
  • When the player manages to complete the story for the first time, the mode called "The Expendables" is automatically released and thus be able to extend the useful life.

New villains and characters

Already in the first excerpts shown in the pre-launch, the game drew a lot of attention from fans for bringing really horrifying characters like "Leide Dimitrescu" who is a super enigmatic character about 2.90 m tall and with characteristics of a vampire.

This strange creature will be one of the biggest challenges facing our hero, in addition to his daughters who are all witches and who mentally control a swarm of bloodthirsty flying insects. Really the new version comes full of new characters.

Capcom also let slip that it would have the presence of "Karl Heisenberg", would be one of the followers of the legendary mother "Miranda" who also has specific and supernatural powers. In the promotional video, the character "Heisenberg" is holding a large hammer to keep the protagonist trapped. 

Influence of games on real life 

There is a very wide discussion when it comes to the influence of bloody games in the real life of players, there are researchers who defend the thesis that very immersive games with horror content can make people develop anxiety and depression or there are still cases in which that the person literally brings the character's life into real life.

However, there is another group of researchers who say that the game is a fiction, and that the user only lives that moment while playing, that is, after finishing playing, the person can naturally return to normal life. The tip is to use games as entertainment, not as a form of escape, and the person may become a compulsive addict.

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