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Did you know that you can make a veterinary assistant course, and still completely free of charge? That's right, this is one of the most promising professions, which are starting to open up opportunities for assistants, we will see throughout this article all the details of the course, as well as how to access it.

We are experiencing a financial crisis never seen in history, and with that unemployment has also reached alarming rates.

Take a course like veterinary assistant course, can help a lot when qualifying your resume to get a job, considering that this market has grown a lot, due to the great growth in the number of ”Pet Shops”, and with that, job opportunities have grown a lot in this area.

Veterinary Assistant Course
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Veterinary Assistant Course – Content

Firstly, we need to understand what a veterinary assistant does, it is worth remembering that this type of job also extends to "Pet Shops", since the veterinary assistant, under his supervision, will be able to apply vaccines, medicines, even prepare materials that will be used in some clinical interventions.


Another detail that is taught in the course is how to prepare the animals to be hospitalized or treated, as well as how to contain them. The course also covers how we should take care of the hygiene of pets, as well as how to organize and leave the space always clean and organized.

As it is a complete course, it also teaches the veterinary assistant to manage stock in the case of Pet Shops, the assistant will also be able to work in the area of customer service, also receiving the animals that arrive, in addition to guiding customers about the products and medications.

Is it worth taking a veterinary assistant course?

If you are unemployed, and do not have a job in mind, and if you are good with animals, that is, you like dogs and cats and are easy to deal with people, it is certainly worth taking the course, in view of the great demand for this labor in the market.

In recent years, the market for "Pet Shops" has grown significantly, practically in all neighborhoods of the cities there are more than one, and with that the specialized workforce is also necessary, which is why it is worth taking the course. and work in the area.

Now, for more ambitious people, and who want to operate in this market more profitably, the tip is to take a higher education course in the area, because that way you will have better salaries and better opportunities, as well as setting up your own clinic or even your own "Pet Shop".

Vet helper or technician? 

There is a difference between these two functions, as the technician has a medium-level education and ends up acting in direct support to the veterinarian. As he is not a doctor, he will not be able to perform diagnoses and surgeries without the presence of a competent doctor, it is like a nurse.

As for the veterinary assistant, as he does not have technical training in this area, he can only act under the complete supervision of a trained and duly accredited veterinarian, in this way he can only perform the tasks that the veterinarian in question requests him to do.

The tip is, if you are in need of an urgent job, you better take a course like the one in the article which is free, as it will accredit you to start working in the field as an assistant. While you work, you can take time off to study, either to take the veterinary technical course or study for the entrance exam to be able to attend college.

Course content and information  

  • Introduction to the history of the veterinary assistant. 
  • Origin of dogs and cats.
  • Preventive care and biosecurity.
  • Animal physiology and anatomy.
  • Containment of cats and dogs.
  • Pet nutrition.
  • Animal aesthetics.
  • Main diseases of dogs and cats.
  • The course has a workload of forty-five hours and is certified.

How to access the course 

If the user wants to take the veterinary assistant course, just enter the "Prime Cursos" platform, on the website "", in this way, you can check all the details there on the website. It is worth remembering that there is also a contact number where the candidate can call and clarify all his doubts.

To take the course, you don't need any special requirements, there is only the suggestion that the candidate has completed high school, but it is not mandatory, it is worth remembering that having a certified course makes it much easier when applying for a job in quality.

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