See the best youtube channels to study for the enem


want to start study for the enem but there is no way to enroll in a pre-university course now? Or do you find it simpler to study at home on the internet? Don't worry, because in today's post we'll show you some options for this.

Many people start planning for the future after choosing a higher education course. And since not everyone is able to deal with high monthly fees, the alternatives are college entrance exams.


Therefore, if you want to prepare for the Enem that arrives on the 21st and 28th of November or other tests online, through your computer or cell phone, keep following this post. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best channels to study for the enem.

study for the enem
study for the enem (image taken from Google)

Makes it easy:

The Descomplica channel is one of the most complete channels that someone who wants to study for the enem can meet. On Youtube, the project's channel has more than 3 million subscribers and almost 4,000 videos with complete classes, reviews, shorts, writing tips, summary for the enem and much more. 

On the site you will find more free and also paid content. It is possible to subscribe to the quarterly or annual plan, in which you have a writing review, a review of current affairs and a study guide. 

The Descomplica TOP plan costs R$14.90 in 12 installments, which gives you access for 14 months. If you want to commit for less time there is also the Push plan which guarantees 4 months of access and costs 12x R$7.90. 

In addition, you can subscribe to other plans not focused on the Enem, such as the Descomplica faculty with undergraduate, postgraduate and even courses for companies.

Save me!:

If you need a pre-university course or a place to take extra classes, Me Salva can be a great option. Me Salva is a project with a website and YouTube channel that has already helped hundreds of people pass the tests they need.

His channel was launched in 2010 and has more than 2 million subscribers and approximately 3,000 videos with content for those in need. study for the enem. On the website you have available 4 plans to subscribe. The Essential Enem plan is ideal for those who want to take the test.

It costs 12 installments of R$19.90 and you can choose to pay the full amount in the bank slip and get a 15% discount. With it you have 15 months of access:

  • 4 basic writing corrections per month;
  • Access to Intensive Enem 2021;
  • Access to Extensive Enem 2022;
  • Complete content for Enem and Entrance Examinations;
  • Customized Study Plans;
  • Live classes every day;
  • Live Doubts
  • Weekly Simulations;

Free class:

Aula Livre is a portal with all subjects available to study for the enem. In it you can get video lessons, do exercises and download the free handouts on the site. 

The Aula Livre channel was also launched 10 years ago, has more than 1 million subscribers and approximately 1300 videos for you study for the enem. You can try the free content or subscribe to one of the three paid plans. 

They are worth 12x R$12.90, 12x R$16.90 or 12x R$19.90. It is also possible to subscribe to the annual values and earn discounts of 48%, 61% and 59%. You can also just use the free content, just register on the site.

Exam track:

The Trilha do Enem website is a well-known platform for study for the exam, but some people don't know that they also have Youtube channel. They have live video classes on Youtube, in partnership with teachers and simultaneous translation into pounds.

The platform has no costs, it is completely free and there you can access video classes, simulations, lives and much more to prepare in advance for the National High School Exam. 

In addition, by creating an account on the site you have performance analysis, adaptation of studies to your profile and three types of simulations. All this to track and improve your progress in a more personalized way. The project's YouTube channel was launched in 2016 and today has over 23,000 subscribers and 70 videos.


If you need to start preparing for such a difficult test, it's best to do it in advance. so download the youtube app, subscribe to one of the channels we show you today and start study for the enem as much as you can, good luck!

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