Work on the weekends - Learn how to improve your income


Have you ever thought about increasing your income as a work on weekends? That is, have you ever thought about increasing your earnings, without stopping your main activity, and in your free time on weekends? Well, know that it is possible, stay tuned for the tips in this article.

If there is a work on weekends that is practical and easy to do, and even if it brings relevant gains, would it be interesting? That is, having an extra income to go out with the family, to go out with friends, in short, to get out of financial distress.


It really is a nice tip, with a work on weekends, with the right dedication, and positive thinking, it is possible to drastically change the quality of life, just taking advantage of healthy and stable opportunities, all within a limit without working too much.

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Earn money with a weekend job

The first idea, so that the reader can think about earning some extra money, is to discover some activity that differs from his main activity today, that is, discover other skills that can be performed in a short time on weekends.

That's right, especially if this skill is something you like to do, that is, that you take pleasure in doing, so the time spent on this task, in addition to being pleasurable, will bring you extra income, just a little focus and effort.

The golden tip is to turn your hobby into an activity, if you don't already do it. Yeah, the hobby will bring you more peace, serenity, and more quality of life, considering that your Hobby is a passion let's say unresolved in which the reader needs the flow.

Example of work on weekends – Writing or correcting texts

If the reader likes to write, or even has skills with articles, with texts without a doubt this would be a great way to earn money on weekends, considering the platforms that exist today that hire freelancers for these applications.

There are now platforms like “Workana” where the user can register offering their skills, that way other people who need those skills can hire you through the platform, it really works very well, and there are already thousands of people making money.

Imagine that you are a translator, or even a graphic designer, or even a writer trained in letters, or have the ability to edit videos, manage social media, give music lessons, in short, any skill can be registered on the Workana website. It is worth checking.

serve at events

If the reader has the skill and a good balance, he can use this skill on weekends to work events as a waitress or waiter. This is certainly one of the most common offers throughout Brazil, for those who want to earn a little extra money on the weekend.

It is worth remembering that due to the pandemic, the events sector had a sharp drop, however, in view of the mass vaccination that occurs in our country, the sector tends to grow again this year, events such as 15th birthday parties and weddings took place again.

It is worth remembering that to be a waiter, you need to have a good balance, in addition to having a good memory, even if the place you are working has commands, you still need to have a good memory. You also need to be a good people manager so you don't end up getting stressed.

caregiver or nanny

This really is a very good market, considering the number of couples with children who need to relax, so hire a nanny to have free time, whether for fun or even work. It is very easy to get a job in this field.

In addition to the nanny service, there is a caregiver service that is in great demand, not only for caregivers of the elderly but also for caregivers of people who have some comorbidity, this service tends to be more valued than that of a nanny in view of the difficulty of finding one good professional.

Both caregiver and nanny services will only be relevant if the people themselves like to perform this task, because if the reader does not like dealing with people, caring, cleaning, this task will be a stressful task. The tip is to look for services that are pleasant.

Other Functions

  • Reseller: use your weekend to resell something online directly from your home.
  • App driver: if you are one of those people who love to drive, and have a car parked on weekends, why not make some extra money?
  • Selling food: do you know how to make good dishes? Do you have talent in the kitchen? Does the family always like everything you do? Why not make this available on iFood, for example?
  • DJ: How about livening up your friends' parties for a good price.
  • Caring for animals: this is one of the tasks that grows the most, people need to travel and have no one to leave their animals with.
  • Housekeeper: this profession has never been so valued, especially in big cities, which can reach more than r$ 120 per day per cleaning job.

For more information about apps, or how to make money on the internet, visit our apps category. Good luck!