Recipes to dry in 30 days – The best recipe ideas to dry


How about having access to several recipes to dry in 30 days? There's salad, detox juice, savory recipes and even sweets for chocoholics on duty! That's right, having access to these wonders today is really something very important in our lives, because health is what matters! The rest is in no hurry!

Bearing in mind the day-to-day rush of modern life, a little help from the internet to lose weight won't go amiss. Currently, the technology of applications has helped people a lot in almost all facets of life, from applications to learn how to take care of plants to applications to move resources on the stock exchange.


In view of the difficulty of losing weight, the recipes to dry in 30 days, brings very interesting content for users who really want to discipline themselves to be able to lose weight and have the dreamed body they want, and the best, with health and well-being!

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Best recipes to dry in 30 days 

We all know that it is not a very easy task to lose weight, in addition to having to do a lot of physical activity, it is essential that the person bears in mind that it is necessary to drastically change their diet, changing their old habits to healthier and more functional ones.

The woman magazine, thinking about it, separated some very healthy recipes, and very easy to make to help people who want to lose a few pounds. For the first meal in the morning, how about a wonderful detox juice? How about a different menu based on white meats?

And when the person needs to leave the house? Have you ever thought about taking your own food in the box with recipes that will help you lose weight? That's right! If you found all these new attitudes strange, welcome to the team of people who really want to change their lives!

Recipe options to dry in 30 days

  • Tomato detox juice: first of all, we need to remember that tomatoes are a fruit and that you just need to add ingredients such as lemon, cabbage and carrots, so that the drink is a strong nutritional source first thing in the morning, and you can also drink it at other times of the day.
  • All detox juices are usually very rich in fiber and can help a lot to clean the entire body.
  • Another really cool idea to help you lose weight is the juice made with cabbage, apple, lemon, sunflower seeds and carrots, this really is a powerful detox.
  • Cauliflower and broccoli salad: it is worth remembering, when it comes to losing weight, you really need to adhere to the widest variety of salads possible, the combination of broccoli, chives and cauliflower is a great option.
  • Endive salad with chicken: this is a very strong salad, for people who want a more hearty diet, which is why this salad has some protein, like chicken, for example.
  • Vegan pineapple coconut muffin: this is an excellent recipe for people who like to eat something sweet, especially between meals, as the recipe can be seen as a dessert, but it is very nutritionally strong.

Top recipes to make on a daily basis 

The first good option to make on a daily basis is cheese and spinach omelette, as they are ingredients that are very easy to find in any region of Brazil. .

Another delicious recipe is spaghetti in garlic sauce with zucchini, as it is a super easy recipe to make and one of the favorites for people who want to lose weight. It really is very easy to make, just grate zucchini in spaghetti shape, and make a delicious garlic sauce.

A recipe really worth checking out is Eyshila's cake, this recipe is super healthy and very important for people who want to lose weight, but it is also nutritionally balanced, as it has a large amount of coconut, in addition to being suitable for people who have diabetes.

Food is worth taking care of

Many people find it difficult to change eating habits, as they have usually practiced such habits for decades, and making a sudden change from one hour to another is really very difficult, the tip is, start little by little, and always with physical activity. ally, because one thing will help the other.

Another important point for people who want to change their rhythm of life is to change some habits in addition to food and sedentary lifestyle, it is also necessary to take care of the mental and spiritual part, considering that we human beings are not just body and not just mind , we are also spirits or for those who prefer; energy.

Certainly, this sum of changes covering all parts of the human being, be it physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, will certainly have a great impact on the life of the person who wants the long-awaited change in lifestyle. It's not that hard, just take the first step!

How to access healthy recipes

For users who want access to more healthy recipes, as well as tips and options to have a happier, happier and healthier life, just search your accredited app store for apps related to natural recipes, meditation and spiritual techniques of energy cleansing.

Another relevant tip is to search for channels on YouTube that deal with the well-being of human beings in an integral way, that is, combining food, meditation, and emotional and spiritual cleansing techniques, in this way you can cover all human peculiarities.

For more information about applications, or to access the most valuable tips today in the virtual and physical world, visit our apps category and stay on top of everything that's good! Good luck!