Smart TV full hd Cheap – Find out which is the best to buy in 2021


Buy a cheap full hd smart tv, is not a very easy task to understand, considering the number of brands and models on the market. Not to mention that there are variations like; LED screen, LCD, HD resolution, 4K, internet access functions or not, in short, it's a considerable amount of variations.

In this way, the vast majority of users end up getting lost amid so many advertisements for TV models, as they end up highlighting features that even advanced users would not know how to explain, really the companies' marketing strategies are very strong.


But it is still possible to buy one cheap full hd smart tv, enough for this to understand some basic requirements that your TV needs to have so that it meets your expectations and still has a good final price, The idea is to buy the best equipment with the lowest possible money.

cheap full hd smart tv
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Cheap Full HD Smart TV 2021

It is always good to be aware of the new models that were recently launched in Brazil, as the latest devices have more interesting functions, especially in terms of internet accessibility, as the vast majority of users consume internet content on their TVs.

It's impossible to imagine any user who doesn't watch YouTube channels on their TV, streams like Netflix, Disney Club, Amazon and others. That's why the internet function has become one of the most important things when buying a new TV.

In this way, it is possible to say that a TV that has a good Internet navigation system is much more important than another TV that has a higher resolution, for example, the tip is to choose the best value for money, that is, a TV with a good price and that has hd resolution and that has internet accessibility.

Cheap Full HD Smart TV – Best brands

  • TCL s6500: this is a 32-inch Smart TV, which has hd resolution and internet accessibility.
  • LG LM 625BPSB: it is also a 32-inch TV with LED screen and HD resolution, uses the webos 4.5 operating system with a native frequency of 60 hz.
  • AOC Roku: is a TV Ideal for bedrooms or kitchens, for example, having a size of 32 inches, LED screen, HD resolution and Roku operating system, the TV also has an active frequency of 60 hz.
  • Philips 32 PHG5813: it is a TV with good connections, it has two HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, in addition to an optical digital input, it has a relatively good audio power reaching 10 watts Rms.
  • Samsung t4300: this is one of the best options because it is a brand already consolidated in the market, it has 32 inches, HD resolution, LED screen and Tizen operating system.

Is it worth buying a used TV?

well, this is a very relevant issue, considering that used products tend to be much cheaper than new products, however, these products do not have the warranty or authorized technical assistance of a new TV. That's why care is needed.

For this very reason, if you choose to buy a used TV, you must have good knowledge in the area to make a good choice, in addition to testing all the parameters of the TV, you must check that there are no defects and thus ensure its purchase.

Another important tip, in the case of buying semi-new equipment, is to give preference to TVs that are still under warranty, as many of them are purchased with an extended warranty, we can reach more than 2 years of warranty, this would be the best option in terms of case of purchasing a semi-new TV.

Is Chromecast worth it?

Google in recent years has launched an interesting device called "Chromecast", which turns any TV that has an HDMI and USB input into a Smart TV, that is, through this equipment any TV becomes a Smart TV with internet access.

There are users who make this option, buy a TV that is not Smart, but a TV of good quality and semi-new, they also buy this "Chromecast" device from Google that costs around r$ 350, that way they can have a good TV with good size, with good resolution and also with internet access.

You will remember that to choose this option described above, you must have good knowledge in the area, or even have a person who understands well to accompany you in the purchase of this equipment, as well as in the configuration of the same, so that you have a satisfactory result. .

Buying a New Smart TV or Used TV with Chromecast

Well, it is necessary to pay attention to some details, if the user wants to buy a TV with internet access and has little resources available, the tip is to buy a semi-new TV without internet and purchase the Chromecast device, which is cheaper and meets all the requirements. resources. It is worth remembering that it is possible to pay for purchases of semi-new equipment in installments as well.

Now, if the user has more resources, and likes to buy new things, which has that taste of taking it out of the box and plastic, the tip is to buy a new TV, bearing in mind that there are several ways to pay in installments, in addition to the guarantee normal and extended. There really is a wide range of options.

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