Smart TV – Discover 6 models up to R$1,5 thousand


Is it possible to buy a Smart TV why r$ 1500? If the answer is yes, would it be a good quality TV? With functions such as internet browsing, or features such as voice command? Another question, is it really worth buying a new low cost TV?

If you are looking for answers to these questions that are so important nowadays, continue with us in this article, where we will deal with the subject in more detail, but with simplicity and speed, because time today is a necessary asset, isn't it?


A Smart TV comes with the technology of both internet platforms and other devices, it is really difficult to live without a Smart TV these days considering that the vast majority of people consume content from streamigs on a daily basis, such as Netflix, for example.

Smart TV
Image; (Google) Smart TV

Features of a Smart TV

A TV, with an integrated Smart system, means that in addition to having access to the internet through the webrowser, it also gives the user direct access to streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney Club or Globo Play, for example. Really every TV has to be like this.

Generally, the models are currently 50 inches, 43 and 32 inches, and it is also possible to find a wide range of prices. To get an idea, it is possible to find devices from Philips, Panasonic or even LG with very interesting values such as the ”LG 24 TL520S” which is offered for only r$ 968.

Another model that has a very interesting price, that is, an advantageous cost-benefit ratio, is the “Roku TV” of the “AOC” brand, its model being the 32S5195/78G, which can be found on the market today with prices from r$ 1246.

There are TVs with very attractive prices that, in addition to having direct access to Netflix and YouTube, for example, also have a Google assistant, however, the vast majority of them have HD resolution, but there are few options that deliver Full HD quality.

 Best Smart TVs 2021

  • LG 24 TV TL520S: this is one of the cheapest TVs today and can be found for just r$ 968, however, it only has 24 inches, in addition to HD resolution, it is a good option for kitchens and alternative home environments. It is worth remembering that it has all the features of the LG Smart TV.
  • Semp 32S5300: this is an interesting cost-effective TV, as in addition to delivering HD resolution, the screen is made of LCD, and even has native bluetooth. The TV still has the advantage of being able to mirror your cell phone on it, through an integrated chromecast system. You can find this model from r$ 1.235.
  • Roku TV AOC32 S5195/78G: this is a very popular TV these days, as it has 32 inches with HD resolution, already comes with a built-in digital converter in addition to a wide range of connectivity such as wi-fi, USB, and HDMI, it is worth remembering that this TV has its own application that helps access all the functions of the smart TV.
  • Panasonic TV TC 32 FS500B: this TV can be found for r$ 1,315 it really is an interesting cost benefit, as it is a 32-inch TV with a great USB and HDMI connection, in addition to delivering HD resolution, however, the TV does not have bluetooth.

Other models

Another good option below r$ 1,500 is the LG 32 LM621 CBSB-A TV, the name is really long, however, it is worth noting this model, as it is an HD TV that has HDR technology that really delivers an image prettier, in addition to being a smart TV with iOS 4.5 web system, it really is a very good TV for the price.

Another important fact is that it has the "Thinq AL" technology that is present in the best TVs of the LG brand. In this way, the user can use artificial intelligence and began to control their device through voice, not to mention that it has the best sound in the category.

The model that has drawn a lot of attention in the market is the Philips TV there are 32 PHG6825/7 8-A, this TV has a size of 32 inches, with HD resolution and also has HDR technology, which clearly improves the image quality, it it also has USB connections, HDMI Wi-fi and also Miracast. The TV also comes with a properly integrated digital converter. 

Smart TV vs Chromecast

What is more affordable, buying a TV without the Smart function, and purchasing a Chromecast to turn it into a Smart one, or buying a TV that already has the Smart function? This is really a good question, because there really are these two possibilities.

If the user is going to buy a semi-new TV, it pays to buy a TV that is not Smart, as the price will be very attractive, usually below r$ 1,000, it is possible to find a good TV that is not Smart from r$ 700 semi-new . In good condition and working perfectly.

In this case, the user could acquire a Chromecast around r$ 350, thus leaving the final price of the semi-new TV but the Chromecast around r$ 1,050. Remember that there are models shown in this article below r$ 1,000. You need to research well before buying.

How to Buy a TV Safely

For those who want a new TV, that is, with a warranty, or even with the possibility of extending the warranty, the tip is to actually buy from safe websites, or even physical stores like Walmart, Extra, Casas Bahia, among other Magazines.

There are other lesser-known sites that offer very attractive offers, however, it is necessary to know the stores well before making your purchase, which is why it is possible to consult the site "Complain here" to check if the site where you want to buy is really more positive or negative.

For more information about modern devices, or even to access the best apps of the moment, visit our apps category. Good luck!